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10 Best Countries to Start Your Coding or Programming Careers


November 4, 2021

Apart from companies in the technology sector, there is an increasing number of businesses relying on computer coding. According to a survey, coding and programming are among the top 25 jobs this year in tech positions. Several countries across the globe are encouraging cultures of programming and are considered IT hubs of the world. Big tech companies in these countries are hiring skilled professionals on a global scale to boost growth. Programming aspirants are also looking for job spots with the best potential to jump-start their careers. In this article, we bring a list of the 10 best countries to start their coding or programming careers.

• Ukraine: Ukraine is one of the top countries to hire developers in the Eastern European region. The IT industry holds several talented and skilled developers and programmers and, aspiring hard-working candidates are still entering the market. In a recent tech challenge, Ukrainian developers reached an average score of 88.7% across all challenges. Moreover, the country is home to the largest community of C++ programmers.

• USA: The USA is considered a dreamland for technologists from around the world. It attracts students, techies, innovators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders from around the world. The companies in the US are always a step ahead in hiring talented tech professionals from every country. The jobs also offer great financial rewards to tech professionals.

• Canada: Canada has a thriving economy and is abundant in natural resources. The country’s sound environmental and social legislatures make it perfect for techies from abroad to start their careers. The country provides ample opportunities for tech professionals from abroad to boost their careers, with dynamic work cultures.


• China: China is home to some of the fastest-growing tech companies in the world, producing 4.7 million tech graduates every year. Chinese coding and programming opportunities provide great resources for professionals to boost their careers. But in addition to this, tech professionals from abroad should also consider the country’s Intellectual Property (IP) laws which cease to become an issue if hired remotely.

• Japan: Japan has been instrumental in the growth of the global tech industry. It is considered one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Japan is also known for its impressive tech infrastructure and is a hub for aspiring developers and programmers. Also, techies from data science, AI, machine learning can find several high-paying job roles in the country.

• Switzerland: Switzerland has no shortage of international tech companies and its developers score big in the global innovation index. It can be a very rewarding job spot for tech professionals who wish to work abroad. Besides, Japan, Switzerland is also considered one of the wealthiest nations in the world and boasts a neutral economy.

• Germany: Germany has a strong tech presence, employing thousands of developers and programmers every year. The country also has a rich past in engineering. Germany has thriving automobile and pharmaceutical industries, programmers, and developers who want to experience domains other than tech and choose job opportunities offered by these companies.

• Taiwan: Taiwan is one of the top performers in functional programming and data structures. In the past couple of years, the Taiwanese government launched a program to become ‘Asia’s Silicon Valley,’ which has improved STEM education and the IT infrastructure of the country.

• India: Coders and programmers are in demand across several IT and non-IT sectors in India. It is on the back of the rising digital-first focus of companies across India. Till-mid 2019 it was mostly IT and e-commerce companies that were hiring developers, but now with growing technological development in the country, aspiring skilled coders are in demand everywhere in the country’s industrial landscape.

• France: The French education sector has promoted an early introduction of computer programming in its courses. France started offering a computer programming curriculum in elementary schools back in 2014 and has made impressive innovations since then. The tech industry is booming and is hiring skilled coders and programmers from around the world.

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