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10 Most Weird and Dope Cryptocurrencies You Should Know About

The phenomenon of cryptocurrencies is enabling people to make money or raise funds for just about everything. Several cryptocurrencies in the market have weird and fancy names but were created for a cause and are still in circulation in the market. As finance becomes more digitized, a digital store of value is becoming more likely for modern individuals. In this article, we list 10 such weird and dope cryptocurrencies that have innovative names but were created for a cause.

• Unobtanium: It is a decentralized open-source cryptocurrency forked from bitcoin in 2013. It derives its name from an expedition in the fictional movie Avatar, which involved invading a planet because it had large deposits of a ridiculously named resource called the Unobtanium, and their currency is called ‘UNI’. Like bitcoin, it is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies, and very rare, not just in terms of the number of coins but also in its fair launch and distribution.

• The Cypherfunks: It is a grand new experiment in music and cryptocurrencies. The Cypherfunds is a decentralized band that anyone can be a part of. The users can generate funk through the process of mining. Everyone can make, create, mix, remix, share, produce, and cover all the songs under the “The Cypherfunks” moniker.

• Cthulhu Offerings: This crypto plays on the legendary mythologies, and its main character is Cthulhu. It is a giant sea monster or a creature from a different dimension. It sleeps under the Pacific Ocean, awaiting release from its giant cultist. The crypto takes a play on the religion and lore surrounding Cthulhu. The coins become offerings as a part of the ritual sacrifice and, they conduct mining via sacrifices.

• UFOCoin: UFO is a fully decentralized intergalactic social gaming token. Its interface introduces a dark metaverse that will serve as a virtual universe built with a closed-loop economy. The crypto is based on the theme of aliens and unidentified objects and uses neoscrypt technology for stronger encryption and extra network protection.

• DeepOnion: DeepOnion offers the latest TOR integration along with instant confirmations, enhanced privacy, and multiple layers of protection. The company’s primary goal is user privacy, so much so that they guarantee anonymity and confidentiality for all users. DeepOnion also provides its own wallet for computers and mobile devices.



• Garlicoin: It is a garlic-themed cryptocurrency that was born out of a viral Reddit-based meme against Dogecoin. Garlicoin is forked from Litecoin and works the same way, except the cryptocurrency is entirely dedicated to garlic. It is based on a few simple fundamentals like cheap and fast transactions, and low barrier to entry, and a total focus on its community.

• WhopperCoin: WhopperCoin is crypto launched by Burger King in Russia. With each purchase of Burger King’s Whopper sandwich, the customers receive WhopperCoin tokens via a digital wallet. WhopperCoin transactions will be powered by Ethereum’s distributed ledger network.

• Bongger: It is cryptocurrency promoting the cannabis revolution. Bongger is a social project that aids humanity in various aspects as a currency and acts as a funding asset for the cannabis industry. Bongger also provides support to the medical, pharmaceutical, and basic scientific research on cannabis and its uses.

• KodakCoin: KodakCoin is described as an ERC-20 token that works on the Ethereum network and might even become a mainstream means of payment in the world of digital imagery. The coin’s initial offering is to fund and develop the KODAKOne blockchain technology.

• Potcoin: Potcoin is another cryptocurrency that is creating blockchain payment technology and ecosystem system solutions to empower the cannabis industry. The PotCoin Foundation was established to fund development, and raise awareness about its mission. It is supported by veterans and founding community members and aims to revolutionize the legal cannabis industry.

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