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10 Signs Show Ethereum Heading Towards the Top in 2021 & Beyond


September 27, 2021

Even after the most popular cryptocurrencies including bitcoin experienced an ominous price attack in April after reaching an all-time high, they are maintaining a moderate value recently. Although bitcoin is always making headlines in one way or the other, the top list of other digital tokens is also getting a stronghold among crypto investors. Ethereum is a digital currency that is always stuck next to bitcoin in the cryptocurrency circle. Therefore, if bitcoin is the present and future of money, then what does that make ethereum? Ethereum trading is different from bitcoin on many fronts. The digital currency enables users to make transactions, earn interest on holding through staking, use and store non-fungible tokens (NFTs), etc. The Ethereum blockchain that is supporting the ether token is also sophisticated and comes with advanced features. With such extraordinary advantages, many crypto enthusiasts say Ethereum Price will overtake Bitcoin in the far future, but Ethereum will surpass the US$660 billion market capitalization of bitcoin very soon. The practical and real-world usage of ethereum trading makes it a perfect fit for everyday usage. It represents the future of programmable money and smart contracts in a way that dominant cryptocurrencies like bitcoin can’t. Analytics Insight has listed 10 ways how Ethereum is proving to be in a race to the top.



10 Reasons How Ethereum is Heading Towards the Top

Ethereum Price is Back on Track

After almost hitting rock bottom post the all-time high trading, Etheruem is maintaining a moderate stand in the cryptocurrency sphere. Initially, when the digital token climbed up the cliff all of a sudden in April, ethereum also touched a record US$4,362 in May only to hit US$1,700 in two months. The clampdown on Chinese cryptocurrency miners has also contributed to the fall. Fortunately, the digital token is doing well in September with the average trading price hovering around US$4,000.


Shield Against Scams and Fake Tokens

The biggest fear for crypto investors in the open-sourced model is the credibility of a digital token. Ethereum is away from all those counterfeit threats. Ether can never be faked because it is a virtual currency with its own identifiers that make it unique.


The Shift From PoW to PoS

Ehterum is currently working on the Proof of Work (PoW) model. The poW model has existed even before Nakamoto Satoshi came out with the blockchain idea. With PoW, the transactions are grouped into ‘blocks’ that are verified and published to a public ‘chain’ every few minutes. Fortunately, Ethereum 2.0 is ready to embrace the Proof of Stake (PoW) model. The idea behind PoS is that the blockchain can be secured more simply if you give a group of people simple incentives to collaborate in checking and cross verifying transactions.


Ethereum’s Largest Developers Community

Compared to Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, ether has the largest developers community in the world to support its working system. Since blockchain-backed cryptocurrencies are just a decade old, they might need constant surveillance. Therefore, the widespread developers’ community will support and help ethereum maintain its market stance.


The Value Will Go Up Drastically

According to a report by Standard Chartered, a UK-based investment bank, ethereum price could reach US$26,000-30,000 if the bitcoin price hits US$175,000. At this level, ethereum’s market capitalization will gradually overtake bitcoin. However, the bank has also warned that this could change because of the volatility in the cryptocurrency market.


London Hard Fork Fee Reduction

The most recent leniency in ethereum trading came a month back when London hard fork included a fee reduction feature the cryptocurrency. EIP 1559, the fee reduction model, reduces the supply of ether as part of every transaction, creating the possibility for the digital coin to biome deflationary. This trend could put upward pressure on the Ether price.


Simplified Payment is a Plus

On a long-term scale, ethereum is an advanced network that houses the creation of new applications and allows for development. Besides, ether tokens are used for daily transaction purposes, making it an easy model for day-to-day life. Due to these advantages, digital currency usage has risen by 1,000% over the past 12 months compared to the 300% increase for bitcoin.


Expected to Comply With Regulations

Ether tokens support the strong future that DeFi holds for us. But the actual credibility and the real-world usage of the digital currency will be put under test when governments from across the globe impose regulations. Fortunately, many suggest that Ethereum will find it easy to comply with the regulations and will maintain its stance.


Forever Decentralized

Ether’s decentralized architecture is very stable and functions in a perfect pattern. It allocates information and trust so that network participants do not have to rely on a central entity to moderate the system and maintain transactions. This makes Ether a cryptocurrency of the future.


Tokenization of Assets

One of the biggest advantages of using ethereum network is its flexibility and inclusiveness. Businesses can tokenize any asset on ether platform if it is registered under digital format. By tokenizing assets, companies can keep track of their properties and moderate their value.

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