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5 Trends in Cybersecurity that are Transforming the Industry


November 29, 2021


Cybersecurity is one of the most crucial aspect that an established business should look forward to.

Cybersecurity is the practice of providing utmost protection to the entire internet-connected smart device system such as data, network, programmes, hardware and software from malicious hackers. Malicious hackers can commit harmful cyberattacks such as blackmailing, phishing, spamming, modifying data, malware, ransomware and many more.  Hi-tech cybersecurity is essential for organisations because hackers always seek weak links and weak victims with new innovative manners. Digital transformation has generated enormous volumes of real-time data that are useful for hackers and frauds. Cybersecurity is also known as information technology security and electronic information security. End-to-end user protection is a vital aspect of cybersecurity. Industries are required to protect all kinds of information such as sensitive data, personalised identifiable data, protected health data, personal data and many more from malicious cyberattacks. Cybersecurity programmes help organisations to defend against data breach cases successfully and efficiently.


Five current trends of cybersecurity are:

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has created new threats to organisations due to the shift to remote work. The industries are required to evaluate the current security infrastructure and a long-term remote cybersecurity strategy.

Cybersecurity is facing new innovative threats from ransomware due to modernisation and digital transformation. Malicious hackers are also upgrading their techniques to enter through the hi-tech cybersecurity systems.

Cybersecurity has provided organisations to adopt Multi-factor Authentications (MFA) for additional defence against different cyberattacks that involve two or more separate factors to secure data in any smart device.

The evolvement of IoT is creating more opportunities for hackers to search for weak links. Integrating IoT in multiple different machines and devices has produced potential entry points for hackers.

The video-conferencing apps like WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime and many more are becoming favourites to cyber-attackers to use tricks into downloading malicious viruses onto systems.

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