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A game-changer in the healthcare sector


November 29, 2021

WhatsApp chatbots

Know how WhatsApp chatbots are transforming healthcare services efficiently

Ever since the digital revolution picked up pace, AI has been one of the widely accepted tech solutions. While businesses across industries have been prompt enough to embrace technology to offer high-end customer experiences, the healthcare sector has been no exception. It adopted conversational AI in the form of chatbots that perform human-like conversations and effectively resolve patient queries. This trend was highlighted by Modor Intelligence in its recent report which states that the global chatbot market stood at $17.17 billion last year and is projected to be valued at $102.29 billion by 2026 and will grow at a CAGR of 34.75% from 2021-2026. The study highlights that the healthcare industry is one of the few markets that has embraced chatbots with open arms.

Due to the growing prominence of WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp chatbots are witnessing a surge in the segment as well. They empower medical professionals to leave miniscule tasks to technology and focus on the major tasks at hand; and have eliminated the need for medical professionals to be present to resolve the patients’ queries and respond to their problems instantly and smoothly.


WhatsApp Chatbots upscaling the healthcare sector

Patient satisfaction and seamless experience are the crucial criteria for healthcare providers. The segment is thus leveraging the power of AI-enabled WhatsApp chatbots to offer what the patients require- quick and effective solutions to their requirements and queries.


Enable 24/7 healthcare service availability

The WhatsApp chatbots have helped bridge the gap between the patient and doctors and allow round-the-clock availability for healthcare services to the patients. All the communication, be it symptom assessment, booking the appointment, update on lab reports, daily health tips, FAQs, reminders, prescribing medicines, payments; the AI-enabled bots allow the diverse tasks to be performed via people’s mobile devices and within the messaging platform itself. They also play the role of a nurse and remind the patients about their medications and other daily medical-related routines.


Offer personalized patient experiences

The chatbots help offer personalized experiences to the patients by identifying the illness and providing real-time assistance via the power of Artificial Intelligence. They have empowered the healthcare segment to be cost-effective and time-efficacious for the patients. For instance, the bots also help them find the nearest pharmacy and doctors during emergencies.


Enable remote consultation

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, people don’t step out of their homes unless required. WhatsApp chatbots have stepped in to be the ideal health companion that allows them to have access to healthcare services with just a tap on their mobile devices while practicing social distancing norms. They enable remote consultation and help patients get an accurate diagnosis without standing in queues for long hours or physically filling up forms. The bots analyze the patient’s medical history and symptoms and try to diagnose their medical condition and also connect them to the relevant specialist. They have empowered medical professionals to resolve all kinds of patients’ concerns in the simplest and easiest manner.


WhatsApp chatbots: A vital part of the COVID-19 care

During the pandemic’s first and second waves, various WhatsApp automation tool providers leveraged the opportunity in the growing domain of healthcare. They integrated chatbots with the most popular instant messaging app as an initiative to connect people and bring them closer to the required medical aid. Be it oxygen cylinders, plasma donors, medicines, or tele-consultations, the WhatsApp chatbots played a significant role in promptly offering the needed medical assistance to the patients. Eventually, they have emerged to be an essential part of COVID-19 care.


Summing up

WhatsApp chatbots have empowered the healthcare sector to operate seamlessly. They have emerged to be cost-effective solutions that enable healthcare providers to communicate with the patients instantly and smoothly and offer them round-the-clock care. It is due to them that the healthcare market has taken the mobile route in the truest sense! Patients don’t need to wait for hours in long queues or physically visit hospitals for check-ups. Every process related to healthcare can now be performed via mobile devices through the power of WhatsApp chatbots. Thus, it can be rightly said that they have emerged to be a game-changer for the healthcare sector.



Sumit Gupta, Founder Whizard API and The Viral Pitch

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