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A Robot Can Now Deliver Vaccine Without a Doctor Nor Needles


November 13, 2021


Most of us fear vaccination because of the needle, right? When big companies like Pfizer are working to get it into pill form, on the other hand, a new robot can make the vaccination process even easier and less intimidating as it performs injections all by itself and without the jab of a needle. This robot was developed by Cobionix, which is an autonomous robotics company.

Cobi is pitched as an autonomous and versatile robotics platform that can perform countless tasks without any human intervention and this is gaining a lot of popularity over the years. As typically, robots are designed to perform various tasks but now they are being built for a purpose that can be more affordable than a human employee by taking over dangerous tasks.

Cobi is designed and built with extreme flexibility in mind and simply needs software updates and minor re-tooling to change jobs. It allows the robot that helps in reducing the price tag, and to demonstrate just how flexible it can be, its creators have demonstrated it delivering vaccinations.

It employs a less intimidating alternative, a needle-less injection technology developed by another company that uses a high-pressure fluid jet, that is not even thicker than hair injects vaccine contents deep into the arm tissue. As most of the robots for surgery are remotely operated, Cobi instead automates all its processes using cameras to detect the presence of a patient and then their identification.

The robot’s hand features a LiDAR sensor that scans the patient quickly to create a 3D map of their body which is analyzed by software to determine the best spot for the injection to be made. And then it prepares for the shot. Automating such tasks can make vaccinating large populations cheaper, faster, easier, and safer without the help of medical professionals.

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