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AI in Healthcare

AI in healthcare

AI in healthcare is connecting doctors to patients, bringing all the stakeholders within a loop.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries across the globe at a rapid pace. The contingencies like the COVID crisis act as a trigger to the technological adoption in healthcare and AI comes out as a boon to the industry. AI-ML-powered telemedicine is the buzzword today. AI-based telehealth services are connecting healthcare providers to their clients, doctors to patients,bringing all the stakeholders within a loop. Healthcare Sevices like remote patent monitoring (RPM), online real-time interactive patient-physician consultation, remote diagnostic tests,etc. are the outcomes of immense AI capabilities and the other digital combinations like IoT,robotics, and so on. Let’s see how AI in healthcare is transforming the industry with massive digital capabilities the world over.

AI in healthcare


Digital Patient Care

AI (Artificial Intelligence) empowered health applications/apps allow patients towards self-awareness, self-care, and staying alert on health grounds. Patients can connect to medical practitioners,healthcare service providers through various digital channels like AI-healthcare apps and AI-based healthcare solutions. Along with varied other digital tools and technologies, such as IoT, Robotics, AI is encouraging people to be proactive towards managing health. Varied Consumer health applications/apps use  AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoMT (Internet of Medical things) tools to provide the maximum healthcare benefits to end-users (patients mostly). Even doctors,nurses, and varied medical people can monitor their patients’ health progress and get feedback regularly via AI-powered telemedicine services.

AI in healthcare


Analytics for Decision-Making

AI-ML-enabled Big Data and Predictive Analytics in the healthcare sector are helping to analyze data at an advanced level.These advanced digital tools and technologies in healthcare facilitate smoother clinical decision-making processes as well as specify priority tasks in the administrative tasks that lead to huge cost reduction and savings for the healthcare company concerned.AI- ML predictive analytics helps to identify risks by using certain pattern recognition capabilities,and then extracting the real cause behind a patient’s health and why it deteriorated.As a result, adequate medical service is delivered leading to an efficient treatment process.This is indeed a massive capability of  AI in healthcare.


Detecting Diseases at Early Stages

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare helps to accurately detect diseases like heart disease, varied cancer types, while they are at an early stage only. With the help of wearables and related healthcare devices, Artificial Intelligence (AI)helps to detect heart problems if a patient is suffering from them in an early stage.This allows caregivers,nurses,doctors to monitor their health on time during the treatable stage improving the longevity of the life span of the patient concerned. For instance, Artificial Intelligence helps to conduct mammograms very accurately and fast (99% accurately,30% faster) reducing the requirement of any biopsy for it.


Disease Management

AI-enabled,digitally-powered treatment programs are increasingly supporting health providers, clinicians, in adopting a detailed approach for disease management in their arena. This further facilitates patients to follow religiously their long-lasting treatment procedures conveniently and comfortably.


Research /Drug Discovery

AI plays a major role in the area of clinical research, new drug discovery.AI-powered applications and advanced solutions are providing cutting-edge services towards discovering new drugs, new medicines right from the Research Mode’ to the ‘Patient Mode’.



Artificial intelligence (AI) perfectly mimics human cognitive functions. AI-powered advanced analytics, varied AI applications, and solutions are widely used in cancer,cardiology, and neurology strokes, in early detection, diagnosis as well as in treatment processes. The very digital tool and technology predict the outcomes of treatment processes and their prognosis evaluation. This is how AI in healthcare is proving to be one of the biggest technology wonders helping healthcare businesses to scale heights while providing quality services to patients increasing their precious life span.

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