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An Analysis of its Significance and Intelligence

The biggest trend that the industries are following is using powerful and ubiquitous AI tools. There has been a significant increase in the adoption of artificial intelligence, not just for business or commercial purposes but also for domestic uses. AI has the potential to provide solutions for almost anything! It can help cure cancer, control autonomous cars, and augment human intelligence. Some believe that it will either revolutionize our living standards or bring upon us a robotic apocalypse, leading to the downfall of humanity. It all depends on how we are utilizing it. But while this is the perspective about the general artificial intelligence tools, what can we make out for the supersized AI technology?

Some believe that the AI tools and platforms can never truly achieve general intelligence, but there are reasons to believe that supersized AIs like GPT-3 have proven to be of much success. It gave a good impression of having mastered the human language, generating fluent streams of texts on command. It may also soon develop more on human-like language capabilities, reasoning, and other hallmarks that can be labeled as intelligence.

The recent success cases of GPT-3 have proved that a shift in scale can create a lot of difference. GPT-3 is bigger than any AI of its type, which means it contains more artificial neurons. Experts never expected this shift in scale, but as AI tools are growing larger in size, it is not only proving itself as a match to the humans but is also showing its capability to intercept comprehended challenges.


Naver’s supersized AI platform HyperCLOVA is all set to transform industries

Talking of supersized AI and its potential, the leading South Korean internet portal operator Naver Corp, launched its supersized AI platform HyperCLOVA. It is a new Korean-based language model system facilitating human-like linguistic capacity. The company, during its launch, claimed that the platform is the world’s leading AI technology that is equipped with over 204 billion parameters, way above 175 billion parameters that are originally integrated into GPT-3.

Naver is planning on using HyperCLOVA as a multimodal AI that can support anyone interested in using AI services. In the future, the platform will also intercept images and videos for user convenience. Hence, this might say a lot about the potential and significance of supersized AI presently and for the future.

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