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An Exclusive Interview with Pankaj Bande Jain, CTO of Wizklub


November 17, 2021


Explore the innovative ways in which WizKlub is imparting education.

The growing technological innovations have led to the emergence of several EdTech platforms aiming to make education more fun and easily accessible. Online platforms, mobile applications, and brand-new learning formats have improved access to education. Enhancing student engagement has become a prime concern for educators. So, such initiatives are encouraging active learners and inculcating critical readiness in the learners.

In this exclusive interview with Pankaj Bande Jain, the CTO of WizKlub, he demonstrates extensively how the company is using artificial intelligence to carve out a learning path for every child with utmost efficiency.


With what mission and objectives was WizKlub set up? Tell us more about WizKlub’s offerings?

Amit Bansal, the Founder of WizKlub, already had two start-ups in the EdTech space, catering to the segment for more than 15 years. His interaction with these young adults revealed that it is difficult to alter the core aptitude of an individual, which is set at a young age. The human brain is easy to wire at a younger stage. At this juncture, a child can be trained on how to use the tools and technologies, but if their underlying aptitude is missing, the person would face difficulties learning about it. For instance, if an individual is not good at logical thinking and problem solving, it will be difficult to train the person as a good programmer. It is easy to instruct someone on Java, .Net, or any other programming environment, provided their underlying aptitude is in place.

As per a study conducted by the Harvard Centre for Child Development, the core aptitude of an individual develops in the first 14-15 years. So, Amit thought of working with the children from 6–16-year-olds, in WizKlub.

WizKlub is a Bengaluru-based EdTech start-up that builds future skills for school children through its research-based programs, delivered on its AI-powered tech platform. WizKlub delivers a personalized learning path for every child for maximum efficacy. The platform’s HOTS Program develops higher-order thinking skills to ensure that every child is a smart reader and an adept problem solver. The WizKlub Young Product Designer Program builds lifelong skills and confidence to create tech products by applying coding, designing, robotics, and IoT smart devices. The team has made progress with more than 10,000 children through the programs.


How is technology evolving today in the EdTech industry, both in terms of application by the start-up, and the learning of the kids? What are the most important trends that you see emerging globally?

I have been lucky to be involved in this evolution of online education and to see how cohort-based courses (CBC) can be a powerful tool for learning and development. At WizKlub, the team has been building CBCs for the past two years and has seen students from all over the world benefit from the experience. The company has also seen an increasing number of organizations and universities invest in CBCs as a way to reach new audiences.


What technologies does WizKlub use?

Parents want to provide future-ready skills to their children but are unable to find an easy, affordable, and effective solution. WizKlub empowers school children with tech skills and higher-order thinking skills to be ready for their careers.

WizKlub has a rich product portfolio, highly efficient training services, and a cutting-edge tech platform designed to leverage conversational AI for training.


What are some of the challenges that WizKlub has faced till now?

The company has faced similar challenges that any other start-up faces in their initial days: getting the right product-market fit, finding ways to acquire customers profitably, and then scaling operations while maintaining the key business metrics.

Some of the challenges were specific to the edtech sector. One such challenge that the team initially faced was that the product was delivering results in terms of improved learning and problem-solving aptitude but only those parents who were involved with their kids’ learning journey were able to witness the results. The involved parents could see that the child has become an active reader, can get the larger picture, can connect information, is asking intelligent questions, is more inquisitive, and is not scared of unseen problems, which was not the case before joining the program. However, the other set of parents could not appreciate the differences as they were expecting results in terms of visible output. The team solved this problem by demonstrating the improvement through the world’s most popular IQ test for children, WISC (Weschler’s Intelligence Scale for Children). And were also able to demonstrate a similar efficacy of 85% improvement on the third-party assessment of WISC.


What is your biggest USP that differentiates the company from competitors?

WizKlub caters to the early years market and is offering affordable solutions that impart quality experience at scale. The company focuses on the holistic development of a kid by working towards honing the underlying skills like logical, creative, critical thinking, and a tech perspective that would allow them to create solutions to complex problems in the future. WizKlub programs are designed to build future-ready skills and bring out the best in every child. Through this platform, the team evokes possibility, ease of learning, wonder, and curiosity, so that the kids gain new insights and a new lens of perception and possibility. The primary goal is to create technology creators and not just technology consumers.

The strength of WizKlub is to use technology in innovative ways to impart a great learning experience for the children. The core team has been in the field of education for over a decade and has a deep understanding of how to deliver high-quality learning experiences at scale.


How do you see the company and the industry in the future ahead?

The pandemic has practically taken away the traditional classrooms for some time. Hence, parents are exploring e-learning methods, and educators are innovating to provide meaningful solutions. Parents are witnessing the power of personalized learning enabled through technology and will continue to use the same even when the traditional classroom systems return. Hence, with the comfort of school-at-home, the trend is likely to stay here longer.

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