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Applications of Digital Twin to Transform the Healthcare Industry

Digital Twin

Digital twins are a digital representation of a physical object, process, or service. Its key value proposition to digital twins is in their ability to combine real-time data, physical dependency models, and intelligence from different platforms to simulate, predict and improve assets and processes. The healthcare industry is turning towards digital twins to improve customized medicine, healthcare organization performance, and new medicines and devices.

Top ways in which digital twins can transform the healthcare industry:

  • A digital twin can predict multiple outcomes for a specific procedure of any treatment by simulating an invasive clinical procedure
  • A digital twin can provide assistance in evaluating the right therapy and diagnosis for each patient to cure chronic diseases by reducing medical risks
  • Digital twins are used in hospitals to simulate workflow processes to detect potential errors in the existing system
  • Smart wearables of patients can feed the digital twin in the Cloud with real-time health data to detect certain symptoms at the early stages
  • A digital twin can enhance the performance of healthcare devices by running hundreds of simulations with different conditions in different patients
  • A digital twin can create a digital copy of real patients to help in drug development and dosage optimization efficiently
  • Doctors can receive sufficient data from a patient’s body and observe different vitals, medical conditions, responses to medicines, diet, blood sugar data, and many more in the digital twin copy
  • A digital twin can assist residents in medical training and diagnostics of patient’s copy for virtual surgery and a better understanding of human body anatomy— physiological and anatomical difference from person to person

Through simulations have been there earlier too, they have been vital in today’s healthcare industry. Digital twins are capable of creating useful models based on information collected from wearable devices and patient records to gather data. Digital twins are spreading in diverse streams based on other technological advancements. And this opens the doors for treating and diagnosing patients with the help of the latest technologies.

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