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Are Humans Ready for the Robot Controlled Future


November 26, 2021

Numerous things have been written about the impact of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Before the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when Luddites demolished textile machinery to boycott new technology that affected traditional methods, there have been suspicions that humans will be replaced by machines. Technology is influencing the culture of your workplace. Powerful tools are giving leaders a deeper understanding of their organization’s culture and work dynamics. They also provide a way to get ahead of issues that could handicap success. Soon you will witness the rise of robot bosses where automation will rule the corporate world.

By 2030, more than 800 million workers all throughout the planet could be replaced by machines. The fear of rampaging robots is not just restricted to jobs. Leaders in emerging technology, such as Elon Musk, have suggested artificial intelligence (AI) is “a fundamental risk to the existence of civilization.”

But a new poll indicates that some employees have much friendlier impressions toward Artificial Intelligence. Oracle and Future Workplace found 82% of employees think a robot boss can become a leader. They will allow others to perform certain tasks – such as maintaining work schedules and providing unbiased information – better than any human.


A New Role: The Robot Boss

Types of equipment have appeared a long way from those early sticks and stones. Ahead of the way, they facilitated humanity to achieve tremendous feats, from feeding billions of people to space analysis. Smart tools like autonomous robots will allow humans to push the limits even further that will be needed to address the next set of challenges for humanity, like climate change.

Rather than replacing humans, modern robots can attain incredible feats working alongside people. For example, California-based IronOx (an advisor for InOrbit) just raised $53 million to scale the development of leafy greens like lettuce and basil in greenhouses, using robots to achieve in 1 acre the same yield that would require 30 acres with traditional techniques, while lessening water usage by 90 percent. While confronting the terrible drought in 1,200 years in the Western U.S., this is welcome news.

So, it won’t be a shock if at the next social gathering, when you ask someone what they do, they respond with “I’m a robot boss.”

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