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Book Review: Entrepreneurship and Big Data: The Digital Revolution


September 28, 2021

Entrepreneurship and Big Data: The Digital Revolution, is written by Meghna Chhabra, Rohail Hassan, and Amjad Shamim. As you know, the digital age has transformed business opportunities and strategies in a resolutely practical and data-driven project universe. The range of possibilities opened up by big data technologies offers companies in all sectors a remarkable opportunity for development and transformation. This book is a comprehensive and analytical source on entrepreneurship and big data that prospective entrepreneurs must know before embarking upon an entrepreneurial journey in this present age of digital transformation.

Entrepreneurship and Big Data provide an overview of the various aspects of entrepreneurship, function, and contemporary forms. It covers a real-world understanding of how the entrepreneurial world works and the required new analytics thinking and computational skills. It also encompasses the essential elements needed when starting an entrepreneurial journey and offers inspirational case studies from key industry leaders.

You will get to read about the ecosystem for entrepreneurship in a big data-driven universe, the application and influence of industrial internet of things big data and analytics towards sustainable value creation, robotic process automation RPA in global business services GBS new insights for entrepreneurs, and social entrepreneurship in an era of disruption converging social change and sustainability through big data analysis in a Post-COVID world.

Writers have thoroughly talked about servicepreneurship, agripreneurship, netpreneurs, and more where big data plays a very important role. The reader will also to get know the ways to anticipate and avoid the pitfalls that can sink in a startup, social sustainability that can be achieved through women entrepreneurs in India in case of inclusion and development through small organizations, and how to leverage demographics insights of online shoppers for netpreneurs.

Overall, Entrepreneurship and Big Data: The Digital Revolution is a good read and highly recommended to aspiring entrepreneurs, this book is also useful to students, academicians, researchers, and practitioners.

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