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Business Intelligence Impact on Slots Online


November 18, 2021

Business intelligence

The impact of Business intelligence on online slots and the entire iGaming industry is going deeper.

The online gaming industry’s popularity is only increasing as new casino sites pop up every day. Players all around the world use their devices to access favorite games and discover new ones. So, it’s difficult for a gaming provider to secure its market share, which is why business intelligence may come in handy. 

Business intelligence is a combination of analytics, data collection, visualization, and many other tools. However, its impact on online slots and the entire iGaming industry goes deeper. For that reason, let’s go further into details and see its effects.


Compliance With Relevant Regulations

Many people still have misconceptions about online gaming regulations, so it might surprise some that they’re not an issue in most countries. Naturally, an online casino needs to have a regulatory license to be able to operate legally. That’s why online gambling sites stay dedicated to securing business transparency and fair playing conditions for players.

Keeping up to date with regulations and laws is even more important because gaming licenses are temporary, and online casinos need to renew them from time to time. And since it’s not easy to produce accurate and comprehensive reports for authorities, business intelligence comes in handy. BI ensures that casinos promptly produce and deliver regulatory reports to be able to keep offering slots online to their dedicated user base.


Slot Games Online Delivery

It might come as a surprise that something as simple as slots is so challenging to develop. Keep in mind that playing style and developing software are two different matters. Therefore, many seasoned professional developers need to put in a lot of time and hard work to create a persistent slot growth.

So, if you want to play Gates of Olympus slot machine online at Mega Casino, you should take into account the effort put into placing the game in front of you. This is especially true if the games come with additional bonuses, incentives, or progressive jackpots — in fact, you have business intelligence to thank for many of these things.

Acknowledge the developers’ struggles by starting your online slot journey prepared — with a good technique and bankroll that will help you stay on the right path.


Detailed Player Location Analysis

Naturally, online casinos aim to deliver their content to multiple locations and countries worldwide. For a variety of reasons, casinos benefit from knowing their players’ location. With a little help from business intelligence, operators can determine where slot games are most popular, whether it’s Finland, Canada, or some other country. 

Having such information might help in deciding whether localized expansion is a good thing.


New Trend Predictions

Another thing that business intelligence does perfectly is predict new trends. BI provides accurate reports that help identify current and future trends with players. This helps developers determine future interests, and it keeps them one step ahead of the competition. 

For example, such a report can discover that a certain game has had 10x more players in one month compared to the previous one. Such information can help developers make assumptions about future trends, decide on the right time to promote the game, etc.

Some companies even go as far as to create free games to predict future trends, but you can read more about why free slots are taking over the world in this article.


Mobile Analytics

Naturally, the iGaming industry wouldn’t have grown as fast as it has without technological innovations like mobile-oriented play. The mobile gaming market was worth a staggering $79.5 billion in 2020. Reports indicate that it will keep growing and reach numbers three times as high in only seven years. 

Business intelligence contributes to this growth significantly. It can discover the type of device players are using, how they’re accessing the games, whether they’re an iOS or Android user, and much more. 

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