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Clear Your Head! We Debunk Some Famous Cybersecurity Myths

Cybersecurity Myths

Following the upsurge in internet usage, the cybersecurity sphere has attracted more attention from people than ever before. Although cybersecurity is a realm where past myths and future hypes often weave together, obscuring the truth to nit-pick the best is a must. Analytics Insight has debunked some of the famous cryptocurrency myths to clear you from misunderstandings.


Strong passwords are enough to protect from cyberattacks

Rather than seeing strong passwords as a security option, users should utilize them as a necessity. Strong passwords are an essential part of building a foundation for cybersecurity. However, that can’t provide end-to-end protection. Although strong passwords are important, it is more vital to know who has access to the password or account.


Insurance companies will cover the damage of cyberattacks

This is a vague belief we have on insurance coverage. Even though some insurance companies do cover cybersecurity damages, not every organization leverages such luxury. Therefore, a normal insurance policy doesn’t include cybersecurity breaches in it. If you want your business to have cybersecurity coverage from insurance, make sure you ask for it specifically.


Cybersecurity attackers won’t target small organizations

Cybercriminals are not discriminating when it comes to attacking organizations. Whether small or big, whatever seems easy to them is their main target. According to a 2020 data breach investigation report, over 28% of total data breaches took place on small business accounts. Therefore, never be relaxed with the thought that cybercriminals only target large organizations.


My device will indicate when I’m attacked

The cybercriminals are not kind enough to let you know when your device is attacked. Sometimes, hacks can take months, even years to uncover, especially, in large organizations. That is why it is always necessary to keep your guard up. If you find something eerie, make sure to run a security check.


Antivirus will give 100% protection to my device

There is no term as ‘100% protection’ in the cybersecurity space. When technology evolves and becomes sophisticated, cybercriminals also shape their mind to crack into critically encrypted sources. Even if you are using a reliable antivirus, it can only minimize the damage and control the aftermaths of cyberattacks. Therefore, never rely totally on antivirus software.

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