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Do’s and Don’ts in a Robotics Interview


October 16, 2021

Interviews are definitely a challenging task. That too, if that in a technical field maybe like data science or robotics, the chaos that happens in every interviewee’s brain is indescribable.

Well, here, worry not, we at Analytics Insight brought to you the 5 Do’s and Don’ts in a robotics interview so that you could ace it like no one else!


The Do’s

First Thing! Be Confident

It’s a deadly task to prepare ourselves for an interview that has complicated questions on robotics. Yes, it’s a fact. But that doesn’t mean you have to get panicky. With lots of numerical, neural schemas, formulas, your brain is loaded. So, keep calm before the storm. Stay cool and confident. The first impression is the best impression, so apart from knowing the fundamentals and advances in robotics, let the interviewer also know that you can work on tedious tasks and inventions with a cool head and utter confidence by accepting failures too with the same spirit, which is really important in the robotics industry.


Frame Your Own Questions

In a practical field like robotics that is interrelated with a lot of other fields like machine learning, artificial intelligence etc, so it’s extremely difficult to expect questions confined only to one particular field. So, it is actually suggestible to frame your own questions on all the possible topics the panel could ask you. If you’re lucky enough and the panel asks the same questions which you already prepared, then it would definitely make you feel at ease.


Practice with a Friend or Anyone Else

If it’s your very first after your studies, then this step is the most essential for you. Make sure to definitely try a mock interview with your friend or anyone else.

This boosts up confidence and gives you an idea as to how to answer and face the interview. If you failed to do this with your friend then worry not, use the help of technology and attend few mocks with millions of questions on the internet.


Research the Position Before the Interview:

If you are applying for the post of an assistant scientist or maybe for the post of a robotics engineer, then make sure to know the job obligations, roles, and responsibilities of that particular role, in and out.

It is extremely important to be well prepared regarding your role and responsibilities as it can fetch you a far better impression in front of the panel.


Don’t Neglect Communication Skills

Most often than not, in technical interviews like the one like robotics, candidates often ignore the aspect of having good communication skills rather focus on the technical aspects, numerical, etc. But that is not how it works. Of course, at the end of the day, your technical skills count more but in an ever innovative and creative field like robotics, communications skills also play a major role. The management not only expects you to work but also to create a proper work atmosphere with your positive spirit and communication skills. Hence, never ignore communication skills even in a robotics interview.


The Don’ts

Don’t Lie:

This is important not only in a robotics interview but when it comes to any other interview. Don’t lie. Lie as in when it comes to your technical experience or patents or education or real-time projects. No – never ever lie in a robotics interview. This could fetch you harm even if you get hired and then you are put in a real-time project that is more than your capabilities.

Be honest and inquisitive. JUST DON’T LIE.


It’s Okay to Not Know Answer

Don’t pretend as if you know everything and then make up some stories. It’s absolutely okay to not know a few and pieces in a vast ocean-like field of robotics. Do not bluff out some answers as it is very important to be extremely specific in the robotics field where every detail counts. If you are asked a question that you don’t know the answer to, simply tell them you don’t know or aren’t sure. If you have never heard of the technology or haven’t done what they’re asking about, just be honest, it will be better received than you trying to tap dance around the answer by Googling it.


Don’t Assume You Know What Types of Questions will be Asked

It is really important to b prepared with the questions that might surge up in the interview but in a very vast and extremely skilled field like robotics, it is always suggested to not presume all the types of questions that would be asked.

Some companies focus on the coding while some others focus on the other technical aspects or some others may just test your speaking skills. So just don’t be over-prepared.


Don’t Talk ILL About Any Other Technology

If you love Hadoop, it’s okay or you love some other language but when asked about a certain programming language or any other technology, make sure to not talk ill about any other technology when asked. Now, if you have languages you love, then feel free to bring that up. But generally speaking, having negative opinions can come across wrong.


Don’t Let One Bad Interview Ruin Your Next Few

It feels terrible.

But that’s fine. In a dynamic field like robotics, it’s not always a success, sometimes it’s about failure too. So lastly, don’t lose your spirits.

All the best. Go and rock the robotics interview.

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