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Empowering you with AI Technology

Microsoft Azure is an adaptable platform that permits your association to take advantage of Microsoft AI services and capabilities. You can build the next generation of savvy applications where your information resides: in the cloud, on-premises, and with your gadgets on the insightful edge. AI for Accessibility promotes inclusion through intelligent technology and enables people to gain independence and achieve more. For example, Seeing AI utilizes AI technology to help the low vision community better see the world around them.


Only Azure empowers you with:

Decades of breakthrough research achieved human parity in vision, speech, and language.

AI technology that Microsoft runs on.

The most comprehensive compliance and security offerings.

Only Azure enables you with the most exceptional AI capacities. Rapidly and effectively fabricate train, and convey your AI models utilizing Azure Machine Learning and Azure Databricks. Utilize the latest tools like Jupyter and Visual Studio Code, close by systems like PyTorch Enterprise, TensorFlow, and Scikit-Learn. Grow your information science groups and make models quicker with low-code and no-code instruments like robotized AI and an intuitive interface. Also, effectively send at scale with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and improve AI inferencing with ONNX Runtime.

Microsoft AI for Good invests in programs that increase access to cloud and AI technologies through grants, education, research, and strategic partnerships.



AI for Humanitarian Action, a new $40-million, 5-year program, aims to harness the power of AI to recover from disasters, address the needs of children, protect refugees and displaced people, and promote respect for human rights. For example, nonprofit partner Operation Smile uses a facial modeling algorithm and Microsoft Pix to improve their surgical outcomes and help more children in need of facial surgeries.



AI for Earth empowers people and organizations to innovate in the ways Azure monitor, model, and ultimately manage Earth’s natural systems. The program focuses on four areas vital to a sustainable future: agriculture, water, biodiversity, and climate change. For example, Project Premonition started as an effort to track emerging diseases by utilizing AI, drones, and Microsoft cloud software. Needing fast and reliable data, scientists began analyzing blood from mosquitoes to stay ahead of infectious diseases and are now turning their efforts to biodiversity.

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