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Essential Requirements for Cloud Security Architect in 2021

Cloud Computing Role: Essential Requirements for Cloud Security Architect in 2021

Cloud Computing

Average Salary (per annum): US$150,000

Roles and Responsibilities: A Cloud Security Architect is needed for understanding the current Cloud security posture, planning the controls, and Cloud security solutions to protect from potential threats. It is essential to secure hyper-complex environments including public Clouds, SaaSs, PaaS, and on-premise resources. The right security pattern helps to implement cybersecurity across organizations. A Cloud Security Architect leads the design and development of the Cloud security architectures, policies, methods, and secure CI/CD pipelines. The candidate needs to prepare and deliver training and security awareness activities to the other teams.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any other relevant field
  • Experience with software security, infrastructure security, Security SDLC
  • Skills for risk assessment and management including threat modeling
  • Strong knowledge of Linux, Unix, Windows OS, network architecture, and security configuration
  • Excellent technical skills with AWS services and security standards and practices like CSA, OWASP, SANS, MySQL, Oracle, and so on.


Top 3 Online Courses:

Cloud Architect from Simplilearn: This course provides more than 40 in-demand skills with access to over 200 hours of applied learning to the interested students. There are capstone projects in three domains with three courses in AWS, Microsoft Azure fundamentals, and Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies.

Cloud Security Architecture Training from Infosec Institute: This course offers data, application, and infrastructure security, cloud security operations, secure storage and devices, secure software development and design, and many more to aspiring Cloud security architects, security engineers, Cloud security specialists, and so on.

Architect Cloud Security from LinkedIn Learning: This course consists of two chapter quizzes while teaching the use of the SABSA enterprise security architecture. It covers strategy planning, architectural management processes, the establishment of a conceptual architecture as well as threat modeling. There are four chapters as an introduction, introducing security architecture, SABSA conceptual analysis, and SABSA design for the Cloud with a conclusion.


Top Institutes Offering the Programme:

  • Master of Science in Cloud Computing Architecture from the University of Maryland Global Campus
  • Master of Science in Cybersecurity from EC-Council University
  • SANS Cloud Security Architecture and Operations from the University of Pennsylvania


Top Recruiters for This Job:

Accenture: Accenture is determined to deliver on the promise of technology by embracing the power of change to create a long-lasting value with customers. More than 6,000 clients are served in over 120 countries with 7,900 patents worldwide. It is focused on enhancing customer expectations with market-shaping AI and self-optimizing systems.

Amazon: Amazon is one of the popular e-commerce platforms in the world with four principles to drive building technologies, inventing products and services such as Alexa, Amazon Prime, AWS, and many more. The developers research and develop new technologies to improve the standard of living of the world. It is a customer-centric company where it is always Day 1 to keep a customer on top of the mind.

McKinsey & Company: McKinsey & Company is known as a global management consulting firm for businesses, governments, and institutions across private, public, and social sectors. The deep functional and industry expertise addresses problems efficiently with sufficient knowledge. The purpose is to help in building internal support, solve real issues as well as reach practical recommendations.

PwC: PwC is a popular leading company serving multiple industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, chemicals, healthcare, metals, and many more. It provides services like consulting, risk and regulations, risk assurance services, and so on. PwC liaises with smaller businesses to analyze and resolve issues with focused mentoring. It helps organizations access markets through eight disruptive technologies by setting up an innovation management system.

Twitter: Twitter is one of the popular social media platforms serving public conversation to help the world connect, debate, and solve problems efficiently. Twitter is focused on vision, creativity, honesty, and flexibility.

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