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Everything is Possible with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Tencent’s basic research areas include computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning. Applied exploration combines the company’s scenarios and business advantages to create four categories of content, games, social networking, and platform-based artificial intelligence tools. At present, Weiqi AI has become a ‘superb art’ and its technology has also been developed by Weixin, QQ, Daily Express, and QQ music.


Tencent’s AI Strategy

Tencent has incorporated artificial intelligence into its operations in its quest to become “the most respected internet enterprise,” as the company relies completely on artificial intelligence. It has 1 billion users on its app WeChat but has extended its reach to gaming, digital assistants, mobile payments, cloud storage, live streaming, sports, education, movies, and even self-driving cars. One of the company’s slogans is “AI in all.” Tencent acquires huge amounts of information and insights about its customers that it processes and leverages to the company’s advantage.


Utilization of Technologies

Computer Vision

Tencent uses computer vision in areas like image/video editing, generation, analysis, understanding; object/face detection, tracking, and recognition; character recognition, 3D vision, SLAM, visual reinforcement learning.


Machine Learning

Machine learning is used in research directions like machine learning theory, numerical optimization, large-scale distributed computing, heterogeneous computing; supervised, unsupervised, and enhanced learning


Area of Application

Social AI

Tencent uses Social AI for intelligent assistants, customer service robots; applications in China’s leading social platforms, including Wechat and QQ.


Game AI

Game AI is used in areas like Weiqi AI superb, other Tencent games; support China’s number one online game provider.


Content AI

Tencent’s Content AI is used for search, personalized recommendation, content generation; applications in China’s top online video, music, reading platforms, and news apps.


Platform AI

Core areas of Platform AI are machine translation, chat robots, voice recognition, sensitivity analysis; bringing AI technology to developers through powerful tools and services to accelerate technological innovation.

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