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Exclusive Interview with Rajesh Dangi, Chief Digital Officer, NxtGen Infinite Datacenter and Cloud Technologies

Exclusive Interview with Rajesh Dangi, Chief Digital Officer, NxtGen Infinite Datacenter and Cloud Technologies


November 17, 2021

Rajesh Dangi

Know the depth of cloud computing with Rajesh Dangi, Chief Digital Officer

Cloud computing is now one of the hottest cutting-edge technologies in the digital transformation era. Large private, public, hybrid, and multi clouds are available for users to utilize for data storage without direct active management. Each location of cloud computing becomes a data centre. The global cloud computing market is estimated to hit US$1,251.09 billion in 2028 with a CAGR of 19.1%.

Here is an exclusive interview with Rajesh Dangi, Chief Digital Officer, NxtGen infinite Datacenter and cloud technologies, who elaborates the importance of cloud computing services and a wide range of high-performance and cost-effective cloud services for clients.


Tell us how your company is contributing in the cloud computing industry of the nation and how the company is benefiting the clients.

Cloud is a metaphor, it comprises multiple resources, services, and integration, thereof, and there are public, private, and hybrid clouds. Today everyone seems to be waking up to edge cloud and services thus the company has to be on the higher learning curve. With 5G, IPv6, satellite broadband the cloud services will get expanded to smart perimeters and localized computing infrastructure.

NxtGenInfinite Datacenter and cloud technologies is teaming up with multiple private and government bodies to offer a range of services such as high-performance computing, distributed high-performance storage, smart edge services for BareMetal as a service, managed container services to traditional virtual instances, etc. with hardware accelerators, etc. to enable them with right products and services as heterogeneous cloud experience from core to edge.

The emerging technologies such as AI/ML, AR/VR, data analytics, etc. are now a part of a standard offering that enable customers to leap forward on video conferencing, transcoding, smart surveillance, or video analytics, etc. for collaboration and employee wellbeing. The MLOps as a service helps them shorten the learning curve for the data management, feature engineering and model training as a single seamless workflow. These digital services are getting good traction along with digital transformations via consultative interventions to support them with quick and safe adoption.


What is your biggest USP that differentiates the company from competitors?

I will say it is not technology that differentiates the company but the way the industries use and integrate multiple technologies and provide fruitful outcomes sets the company apart. The team has solved the problems of customers working closely with them to help them augment newer technologies with unbeatable price and performance. The real differentiator is DNA for innovation, cost-effective and pays as one goes cloud and data center services with no cost consultative solutions and faster deployments just to mention a few, the company believes all customer requirements are unique and solving them together helps to win the deals and makes them choose this team as long term strategic partner than the box selling partner-driven selling done by most of the competition.


Which are the technologies you see customers will need more support in the near future?

Today’s cloud landscape for enterprises is distributed multi-cloud with edge enablement and none of the current CSPs have ability or reach to fulfilprim, private, public, and edge cloud requirements as single vendors. The mix of these technologies and resources are siloed and migration from one public cloud to another is becoming a nightmare, customers are fast choosing to cloud-neutral developments using open source with the ability to consume different services from diff vendors and still be able to effectively manage them. NxtGen is already ready with multiple cloud services including the latest hybrid (Unified core, private andedge cloud-ready), SpeedCloud application services platform that can cater multi-cloud, multi-tenancy, and multi-model deployment (BareMetal as a Service, HPC as a service, virtual instances, container services, high-performance storage, digital services for media engines, etc.) all via a single seamless dashboard with transparent resource metering for on-demand pay as you go model.


What’s do you think about trends / roadmaps of key technologies we can look for in the next few years?

Core computing will continue to become high-performance and multi-cloud hybrid environments will become defacto. The company has faster processors, storage and multi-giga speed networks.

Edge computing will spread to rural India and help get more digital users and services bridging the digital divide. Smart edge locations and gateways with powerful hardware accelerators will transform the computing and storage landscape forever. Centralized seamless application deployment and up keeping from core to edge clouds will be the name of the game.

Interconnects, private peering and internet services, and private networks will get more boosts from 5G, IPv6, and satellite broadband to ensure the reach, speed and capacity with smart routing for localized content delivery.

AR/VR-enabled digital spaces will emerge as new channels for interaction and user experiences for learning, communicating, consuming and co-working areas.

IoT and blockchains will see more adoption of mobile users, connected cars and things further expanding digital perimeters and ecosystems.

Data science and analytics, MLOps, and open datasets will generate new career and product engineering opportunities since the growth of data has surpassed expectations and using the data for safer and meaningful outcomes is still a question of debate.Distributed high-performance data storage, data models with newer algorithms will bridge the gap between active and passive data stores and near real retrieval and insights with absolute redundancy for code, data and configurations by design.

Data assets will get insured, traded and valued as a commodity.Data governance and privacy will remain a challenge as new technologies will continue to bring more vulnerable and remain susceptible to information security since traditional ways of data protection processes, tools and systems are still gaining the pace to tackle ransomware and insider threats. Industries are expecting tighter statutes, laws, and regulations and enforcement on data breaches.


What is your technology leadership mantra?

There is no silver bullet in technology management or rather a technology enablement to manage the outcomes from the tools and techniques available, in short— explore, experiment and enable.

For large enterprises or even service providers, the culture of an organization plays a significant role and creates a positive impact on trying new things. The technology landscape is vast and dynamic as always, thus a“culture of creativity, conceptualization, and co-creation with customers” will become the ley tenets.

Having a sponsor and awarding the efforts, celebrating failures and keep moving with newer technologies to solve current and anticipated problems is important.

Developing meaningful relationships within OEMs, industry partners, and start-up ecosystems with an open mind of co-creation to offer an end-to-end solution via multiple technologies is becoming an essential factor for digital transformation aspirants.

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