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Here is Everything You Need to Know About Big Data Analysts


October 5, 2021

Average salary (Per annum): US$1,00,000

Roles and responsibilities: A big data analyst is an individual who interprets data and transforms it into information that can assist with settling on business-related choices. Typically, data analysts accumulate data from various sources and patterns. In the wake of gathering data then the information is completely deciphered. The primary obligations of a data analyst are to gather, decipher, examine big data and report it back to the important individuals from the business group. Alongside this, a data analyst additionally needs to work with groups inside the business or the board to set up business needs. He/she is additionally needed to characterize new data collection and analysis.


  • A degree in mathematics, or statistics or computer science, or economics
  • Experience in big data models, and reporting packages
  • Strong command over databases and programming
  • Knowledge of assortment, organizing, and examining information
  • A logical mind for critical thinking
  • Big data knowledge in Hadoop, MapReduce, and Streaming.


Top 3 Online Courses:

Big Data Analyst Nanodegree-Udacity: will show abilities and devices expected to construct a vocation in big data analytics. The course covers both hypotheses and practical are remembering normal 1-for 1 guide calls with the dynamic understudy local area and vocation support administrations. It is the best one for students having experience in Python and SQL programming.

Big Data Analyst Immersion (Thinkful): it is a concentrated full-time preparing program. It has an altered timetable to assist students with keeping focused. The educational program comprises Storytelling with big data, Excel establishments, SQL foundation, Tableau, business research, Python, and Capstone platform. During the last Capestone platform, students are prepared to construct their last activities alongside two culture fit meetings.

Big Data Specialization-Coursera: It is a program offered along with John Hopkins University which is a ten-course program that helps in understanding the data science pipeline from the basic levels. Students with a beginner level of experience in the Python programming language can cope with the course easily.


Top Institutes Offering the Program:

  • Bachelors in Data Analytics: IE University, Segovia
  • MBA in Data and Business Analytics: Symbiosis Pune (SCIT)
  • Masters in Data Analytics: Boston University


Top Recruiters for This Job:

Amazon: is one of the greatest e-commerce organizations all throughout the planet and is likewise among the top data science scouts around the world. Amazon is a giant of big data and to comprehend the force of information it requires big data analysts for its center activities from marketing smoothing out, coordination’s, and stock administration to deals assumption and even HR examination.

Fractal Analytics: has arisen as one of the top big data analyst specialist co-ops’ in the country. The organization has a worldwide impression bragging a few Fortune 500 organizations from enterprises like retail, insurance, and innovation. It has many branches in all branches of India recruiting new positions.

LinkedIn: was one of the main organizations to have a group of big data analysts. With the tasks of data analysts, additionally need data experts. Since it is a long-range informal communication administration it permits its clients to dominate in their expert connections. This additional data interpreters to comprehend and empower organizations in settling on better decisions.

Deloitte: is important for the big four, offering administrations like counseling, monetary advisory, tax audit, and undertaking hazard across the globe since 1845. Data analysts at Deloitte attempt a few examination projects which might be multidisciplinary. Their obligation is to improve on intricate and big data and guarantee that it is easy to understand by customers.

MuSigma: is the largest solutions provider relating to science decisions and analytics. Data analyst here would involve analyzing data, tuning it, and making it simple for evaluating results. These results then are used to make crucial decisions in the organizations.

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