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How are Robotics Applications Gaining Popularity with Metaverse Technology?


November 16, 2021

 Robotics Applications

Metaverse is a parallel universe of a virtual world with the recent grand entry of Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. The metaverse technology offers an immersive experience where anyone can visit with a smart glass or virtual reality headsets in a virtual or computer-generated universe. This online 3D virtual environment consists of multiple robotics applications with different kinds of robots. Robotics in Metaverse has recently started gaining popularity for their smart functionalities. Let’s explore how these robotics applications are gaining popularity with Metaverse technology.


Robotics Applications with Metaverse Technology

Meta is focused on developing a thin and replaceable robotics skin that can allow robots to feel objects and environments in the tech-driven future with the Metaverse technology. This robot is a combination of rubbery plastic (less than three millimeters thick) and magnetic particles with the integration of artificial intelligence to help it feel through the sense of touch. The plastic in this robotics application deforms and modifies the magnetic field after the robotic skin touches any surface.

There is a first-ever metaverse robot system in China with the integration of cutting-edge technologies like digital twin, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, IoT, and many more. These technologies are focused on creating the Metaverse with multiple robotics applications. There is a major pillar of metaverse technology with different levels— holographic construction, holographic simulation, and the integration of virtual-real worlds. This metaverse robot system helps to connect and integrate virtual and real robots that are displayed synchronously.

A San Francisco-based platform known as “Unity” is focused on designing and training to metaverse through robotics applications and artificial intelligence. Hundreds of sensors and simulations can test software against immersive realistic and virtual worlds while teaching and training robots in a cost-effective manner.

Metaverse technology is growing at a rapid pace with a lot of immersive experiences, environments, and entities in a virtual world with the physical world. It is expected to be the future of the internet with interactive groups of the virtual world acting as the physical world and persistent in nature. NVIDIA Omniverse is present to create and connect two worlds within the metaverse with 3D assets and scene descriptions while Microsoft is working to build an enterprise metaverse. It is speculated that metaverse is suitable for training robots for efficient and effective robotics applications.

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