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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Video Editing?

Artificial intelligence’s development has altered many facets of our existence. Video editing software is one example of a shift. When it comes to operating simple applications like video editing software, AI technology is starting to engage and even replace workers in some situations. The fundamental notion is that AI will learn from its mistakes and make more precise choices than a human ever could. For individuals who rely on their employment as video editors, this may seem frightening, but there are still numerous ways humans can help in the management that cannot be handled by an algorithm just yet.


What is AI Video Editing?

AI video editing is a technique that will make novices and those who have never used video editing software more compatible with the industry’s major guns.

It promises to solve all of your issues and provide you with immediate pleasure without you having to bother about finding music or other tools! That’s right, you’ll never have to worry about exporting or uploading anything to the internet again.


AI in Video Editing

Even if most people aren’t aware of it, AI algorithms are behind most of today’s most amazing YouTube videos. A unique piece of software built by Alphabet’s AI-focused Jigsaw group is meant to automatically modify YouTube videos so that they are understandable to people from diverse areas.

The program gathers information about who could be watching the movie and which portions, such as references or labels, they might not comprehend. It can then rearrange visual content to offer more context for people who are unfamiliar with the language or who originate from cultures other than the original speakers.


Benefits of Using AI in Video Editing

  • AI can assist you in determining the optimal angles, shots, and edits.
  • It may also help you apply filters and transitions to your movies.
  • To utilize AI’s editing tools, you don’t need to know how to edit video.
  • AI editing is more effective than human editing since it organizes your footage for you.
  • AI may learn from your videos and make adjustments based on what it has learned.
  • With AI’s help, video editing gets faster and more efficient.
  • In a shorter length of time, you’ll be able to edit more film.
  • It’s simple to use and will take care of the majority of the work for you.
  • AI may make a video more interesting by proposing changes that the user may not have considered.
  • Colour correction and scene identification are automated, resulting in a better visual experience.
  • Face detection in films aids in the creation of tailored messages.
  • AI can edit videos more quickly than humans.
  • Video editing may be sped up with artificial intelligence.
  • AI can make a clip more engaging and interesting to watch by editing it. AI is less expensive than employing an editor, so you save money over the long term.
  • AI can assist you in locating the most appropriate video clips and pictures for your film.


Automatically Curating Video Footage

In 2016, IBM utilized its Watson supercomputer to curate material and produce a trailer for the horror-thriller Morgan, which was one of the first uses of AI in video editing. Watson essentially utilized machine learning to evaluate prior trailers, then used what it learned to curate and choose sequences from the movie that it thought would be appropriate for the trailer.

That presentation demonstrated the influence AI might have on video content curation. A human editor would typically spend hours, days, or even weeks watching and curating all of the video material, but an AI might do it in a fraction of the time depending on specified characteristics. The human editor may then concentrate on creating the final film using the AI-curated clips.

Since then, AI has been increasingly employed to assist with video curation. In certain situations, such as Google Clips, where the AI picks short and fascinating clips to shoot on its own and progressively learns and improves its decisions depending on how the user reacts to the clips it generates, it may even work fully on its own.


More Intelligent and Automated Tools

Video curation isn’t the only aspect of editing that may benefit from AI’s automation; there is a slew of other tools that might benefit from AI in the same way.

Because AI can ‘interpret’ films, it may be used in almost any type of editing tool, from color calibration to object elimination, visual effects, picture stabilization, and much more. Many of the technologies now used in these jobs seek to evaluate films using sophisticated algorithms, which AI might ultimately replace.

Many platforms, like Adobe’s Sensei platform, are already beginning to offer more intelligent AI-assisted editing capabilities. Other editors are beginning to implement their own AI solutions.

In the not-too-distant future, it’s predicted that more smart video editing tools will emerge, utilizing AI to understand and give recommendations for video editing. Video editing should be a lot easier for newbies with such tools, while more expert users will be able to reduce their effort significantly by having AI perform much of the heavy work.


The Future of Fully Automated Video Editors

As you may have seen, while AI is revolutionizing video editing, it is only doing it as a tool to aid and support a human editor. Automatic video editing ignores your preferences and the topic of your video clips, whereas a video editing service cuts material to your specifications. The truth is that, while AI may be able to totally automated video editing, it is still a far way from being able to do it successfully.

For the time being, consider AI as a useful tool that may help you simplify video editing and cut down on the time it takes to do it. Given that AI and machine learning are still in their infancy, it’s impossible to predict what they’ll become.



Artificial intelligence is reshaping the video editing environment, and now is the moment for organizations to seize the opportunity. For decades, Hollywood has employed AI-driven technology in its films. Nonetheless, any business that wants to make compelling films with amazing images may now make use of this game-changing invention. How do you feel about artificial intelligence? Type in the comment section below.

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