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How does Quora use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?


September 16, 2021


How does the world’s biggest QnA platform Quora use artificial intelligence and machine learning?

Quora is an attractive website that appears like a duet of a program that uses artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning. It’s a simple concept where you can answer the questions asked by others on your favorite topic and vice versa. Lately, the usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning at Quora has grown a lot. It has not only gone deeper with bigger and better models for existing AI and machine learning applications but also has expanded the set of areas where AI and machine learning get used.

So how does Quora use artificial intelligence and machine learning?


Seeking information

The principal format of information sharing on Quora is questions and replies. Quora have a bunch of AI and machine learning frameworks doing question understanding, for example separating data from the question such that helps make the rest of the flow simpler for others.

Artificial intelligence framework that takes an inquiry, does question quality arrangement and assist individuals to effortlessly recognize top caliber and inferior quality questions. Then, at that point, there is question-topic labeling, where you figure out what subjects the question is about. Working with a short question text and more than a million likely subjects to tag on the question, which makes it a considerably more moving issue that AI and machine learning tackle effortlessly.



Getting answers to questions

The outcome of the question understanding frameworks shapes a significant contribution to the following step in the lifecycle of a question: finding solutions from specialists. Here as well, Quora utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning frameworks that assist it with tackling this issue better. Ask To Answer (A2A) is a component of Quora that permits users to send solicitations to other people requesting them to write a response to a specific question.


Reading content

On Quora, the feed not just comprises of questions that you can write replies to, it additionally comprises answers worth perusing. Positioning replies on the feed is another AI and ML issue that is vital for them. Question positioning and answer positioning on the feed utilize comparable hidden frameworks but have altogether different targets, and subsequently, utilize an alternate arrangement of provisions in their fundamental models. Somewhere else where Quora uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to rank answers worth perusing are the email digests that Quora send to its users.


Maintaining high content quality

Content quality is one of the things critical to a great user experience on Quora. Therefore, Quora needs to ensure questions, replies, subjects, and other content get going top caliber and stay superior grade all through their lifetime. To do this, Quora uses artificial intelligence and machine learning frameworks striving to keep up with content quality. Here are a few of them:


Duplicate question detection

This includes identifying various questions that have a similar purpose and combining them into a solitary standard question. Quora has talked in detail about the explorations on the issue of the duplicate questions, and even delivered a duplicate questions dataset and started a Kaggle rivalry for you to play with it.

Oppressive content detection: They have an approach at Quora, “Be Nice, Be Respectful”, however that is continually difficult to keep up within online networks. Accordingly, Quora uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in the mix with human analysts to assist with recognizing hostile or destructive substance so that can all the more likely ensure clients and ensure they have an extraordinary Quora experience.

Spam Detection: Spam location is a significant issue for most famous user-created content applications, and Quora is the same. It has a couple of various machine learning frameworks working in the blend to handle spam content and users who post them.


AI and machine learning Platform

One of the best developments for Quora since 2015 is the formation of a new AI and machine learning platform team. The goal of the AI and machine learning platform team is to make working on artificial intelligence and machine learning easier for the engineers in the rest of the company, both on the offline (model training) and the online (model serving) side of things.

Apart from all this, Quora uses natural language processing to combine questions with the same wording/almost similar intended meaning. Deep learning to intelligently allow/not allow credentials, so you can tell pretty easily what the intention of the person answering the question is. Similarity and metric learning to avoid plagiarism. And lastly, Quora also uses reinforcement learning to promote great content from all the users, especially the new ones.

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