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How is Technology Impacting the Modern World?


September 29, 2021


Technology is affecting modern society in many ways. This article takes a close look at the role that modern technology is playing in our lives.


Online entertainment

You can use technology for entertainment. People can unwind themselves using technology in various ways. For instance, you can gamble online at without setting foot outside your home. This is great news for all those who hate driving or are unwell.

Many people- young and old- watch music videos, films, etc., on YouTube and other platforms. This is yet another example of technology at work. According to this Oberlo data, people watch more than 1 billion hours of video content daily. One reason for this is that data has become cheaper over the years.



Modern technology has also given rise to blockchains and decentralized payment services. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, etc., are some examples of blockchains. While blockchain technology is somewhat complicated, you can understand it by reading this article.


Battling climate change

Technology lets you understand the changing weather patterns and their overall impact on climate change. Governments, business leaders, and activists are getting increasingly worried about climate change.

Luckily, we have several technologies that track the major factors behind the impending climate crisis. For instance, geologists and atmospheric scientists can find out the amount of CO2 emissions by digging out ice cores and other materials.

If you want to understand the climate crisis at a deeper level, read this scientific article.


Technology and communication

Modern technology is also about communication. Today, people can communicate among themselves using WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, SMS, Email, etc. They can also interact with Zoom, Skype, and other virtual technologies.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged people and organizations to use Zoom more often. Remote work and collaboration have become a necessity in modern times.

Even teachers and their students are using Skype, Microsoft Teams, and other tools for online education. All this goes on to prove how much communication technology is important today.


Online education

Thanks to the pandemic, many universities are offering online courses to their students. Even Google has joined the fray and has offered low-cost but relevant online courses for aspiring coders. Today, you don’t actually need to go to a college to learn Machine Learning, etc. You can master coding skills sitting at home and working on your computer.


Cloud storage

Now you don’t need to store your precious data on a hard drive, pen drive, or floppy disk. You can do this using cloud technology, and that too inexpensively.

Cloud, in technical terms, is virtual storage. Big companies, such as Google and Amazon, have virtual servers where you can store your data easily. This is one of the most exciting applications of technology.


Artificial intelligence

This article would be incomplete without AI. This technology induces artificial intelligence in machines and robots to do simple and complicated tasks.

AI has wide ramifications, and you can use this technology in health, defense, and several other sectors.

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