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How to Automate Your Marketing With Social Media Monitoring Tools

In today’s day and age, markets can change direction in the blink of an eye and huge trends can show up overnight only to die down a few weeks later. Plus, customers are better informed and require more than just your good intentions to pay attention to your brand. 

Therefore, businesses must adapt to the crazy fast pace of the market and find new ways to cope with the coming and going of the trends. That’s where marketing automation truly shows its value as it takes over routine tasks and frees up time for ingenuity, creativity, and strategy. 

But you can’t have marketing automation without the right tools. Luckily, the offer is incredibly diverse with smart automation tools that can help improve the customer experience while also shedding hours off your schedule. However, it can be a bit confusing when trying to decide which tools work the best for your needs. 

For instance, did you know you can use social media monitoring tools to automate and enrich your campaigns? Here’s how:


Use Social Listening

Social listening is the process of monitoring what people are saying about topics of interest to you online. With the right tools, you can learn more about your customers’ opinions about your brand, products, and more. 

You can check brand mentions across all platforms, so you don’t waste any marketing opportunities. Brand mentions mean people are talking about you, therefore, you have to make sure you’ll be a part of the conversation. 

Plus, you can use social media monitoring tools to take a peek at your competitors’ strategies and campaigns. After all, inspiration can come from a wide range of sources, right?

Overall, social listening is great for your marketing because it keeps you up to date with popular topics and lets you know what’s trendy on the market. 


Gain Valuable Insight

Monitoring tools bring huge loads of data that you can use in all sorts of marketing campaigns and strategies. However, it takes time to understand what each tool brings and how to make the most of it. 

Luckily, some of these tools also have analytics built into the system, which means you can create default and customized reports to better understand trends and currents. With the right data, social media can paint an accurate picture of your customer, which is incredibly valuable information especially in today’s day and age.  


24/7 Customer Support

Customer support is the one service you know for sure it can improve your chances on the market when done right. When customers and interested buyers reach out, you must reply quickly and swiftly to keep their satisfaction levels high. 

Luckily, nowadays you don’t have to hire a call center company to cover basic interactions. Intelligent chatbots are not new technology, but small and medium-sized brands are not extremely keen on using them. 

However, with minimal initial investment and the data provided by social media monitoring tools, you can set up user-friendly chatbots that can take over routine questions and even basic actions. Plus, chatbots can stay active 24/7 and they use AI algorithms to learn from the collected data how to better talk with your customers. 

Quick note: There are plenty of AI tools you can use to up your marketing and social media strategy. Also, these tools are quite affordable even for small brands, so there’s absolutely no need not to use them. 


Wrap Up

Automation is a great way to make sure your campaigns are moving forward while you are taking care of the creative side of marketing and social media. So get all the tools you need before starting your journey to conquer the world!

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