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Is it Too Late to Invest in Nano Dogecoin? Maybe Yes or Maybe Not

Nano Dogecoin

Dogecoin hit the market in 2013 after the Shiba Inu dog became famous among crypto investors and crypto communities. But despite its popularity, dogecoin was often mocked as a joke or just a meme. Many didn’t take cryptocurrency seriously for a long time. However, dogecoin didn’t stay low. Seven years since its inception, dogecoin made a remarkable stance in the market by making it into the top 10 cryptocurrencies list. Following its victory, the Shiba Inu dog, along with the funny aspect, was admired so much. As a result, many dogecoin knockoffs hit the market. One such recent dogecoin clone is Nano Dogecoin. Last week, Nano Dogecoin suddenly became very popular and the cryptocurrency value recorded a massive 5,000% spike in just 24-hours.

Dogecoin took a very long roller-coaster ride to reach the place it is today. Since the cryptocurrency was launched in 2013, it didn’t get much attention or an increase in value for seven years straight. Only in 2021, dogecoin gained a whopping 500% one-day jump, which eventually helped the digital token to perform well from thereon. Its sudden spike was also not natural. Dogecoin value was triggered by a group of crypto enthusiasts on Reddit by trending it on subreddits. Following this, famous people like Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, and rapper Snoop Dogg also supported dogecoin and increased its value. Today, cryptocurrency is doing well in the market. But unlike any other digital token, dogecoin has many knock-offs hitting the market. Dogecoin clones are also doge lovers’ top investment preference. After Doge Killer went viral and reached US$8,000 at one point, it is now time for Nano Dogecoin to show its potential.



Nano Dogecoin, Another Doge Clone to Experience Sudden Value Raise

According to the Nano Dogecoin website, the digital token works with community and charity involvement at the forefront of its functions. It states that the internal group stays with the Nano Dogecoin investors and considers them at every decision. Besides, Nano Doge aims to use its reach to change animal welfare around the globe and to have fun while doing so.

Nano Dogecoin has been around for a while, but it only reached crypto investors’ attention last week when it suddenly gained value in a span of 24-hours. The digital token’s price spiked by a record 9,000% in value within a day, attracting more investors to consider it as a choice of investment. Listed as ‘INDC’ on crypto platforms, Nano Dogecoin became the top gainer on September 21 when the platform tweeted that the team is also surprised about the sudden rise. This came at a time when even dogecoin was not seeing a big price surge.

Nano Dogecoin is a Binance Smart Chain-based meme coin that is working to gain value and address some societal concerns. According to Coin Journal, Nano Dogecoin’s move to pump in more donations to animal shelters and other dog-related charities has contributed to its value spike. Since it combines profit-making and making the world a better place, more people are interested in contributing to the move. Besides, Nano Dogecoin is also migrating from an old contract to a new one on Binance Smart Chain, which could eventually help its price go up even further.

Unfortunately, after its sudden value surge, Nano Dogecoin went back to its original price like many other dogecoin clones. Currently, the digital token is traded at US$0.000000034705, down by almost 50% from its previous record high.


Is it the Right Time to Invest in Nano Dogecoin?

Just like many other dogecoin clones, Nano Dogecoin also experienced a sudden value surge, which eventually came down in a day. However, that doesn’t mean anything negative to digital token investors. Although the price is back to normal, it has the potential to go up anytime. If we look at Dogecoin’s timeline, the meme-currency also saw a sudden price spike before hitting the top 10 cryptocurrency list.


Listing Other Dogecoin Clones

Since you are already here to know about Nano Dogecoin, learn something more about other dogecoin clones that are doing well in the market.

  • Shiba Inu- Shiba Inu is another famous meme-based cryptocurrency that is doing well next to dogecoin. SHIB has a market capitalization of US394,796.
  • Kishu Inu- After Shiba Inu, it is Kishu Inu that is online to give tough competition to dogecoin. Over 100 quadrillion Kishu Inu coins are in circulation today.
  • Doge Killer- Doge Killer became famous when it reached a record US$786.31 in a single day. However, its value was later constantly hit and came back to its previous pricing.

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