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Know Everything About a Blockchain Solution Architects


November 4, 2021

Blockchain Roles and Responsibilities: A blockchain solution architect is responsible for working with the R&D teams and helps implement blockchain while building and designing solutions that can leverage cross-asset frameworks and concepts. A solution architect is a technical lead during the sales processes, in collaboration with the sales lead, during the project. They are also responsible for crafting core blockchain components and technological developments to foster the companies’ blockchain ecosystem. 

Average Salary (Per annum): US$75,000

Qualifications Required: 

  • The candidates should have authorized and legitimate blockchain solution architect certification.
  • Should have advanced leadership and management skills to manage the responsibilities of the subordinates and lead the team efficiently.
  • In-depth and up-to-date knowledge about how blockchain architecture works and various blockchain solutions are needed. 
  • Proficiency in cryptography and other techniques like hashing is needed to offer additional security to the system.
  • The candidate should be an expert in front-end and back-end web development.


Top 3 Online Courses:

Enterprise Blockchain Architecture Course by Udemy: This course will enable the candidates to have a strong understanding of enterprise blockchain architecture. It will teach the different design patterns and the integration of the technology in various technological solutions. 

Certified Blockchain Architect by Blockchain Council: This course is a training and certification program that will enable individuals to gain expert understanding and exposure to the blockchain domain. 

Blockchain Solution Architecture Training On-Demand by Blockchain Training Alliance: This course is for technical leaders who are responsible for making decisions about blockchain architecture, environment, and development platforms. This course will develop the required skills and support study materials for all classes. 


Top 3 Educational InstitutionsInstitutes Offering the ProgramCourse:

  • University of Nicosia: Since 2014, the University of Nicosia has been providing a Master of Science (MS) degree in blockchain and digital currency. The curriculum is split into three semesters that will help students get the required knowledge and exposure.
  • New York University: New York University’s (NYU) Stern School of Business is offering a fintech specialization course for full-time and part-time students, pursuing MBA in General Management. 
  • Mumbai University: Since 2017, Mumbai University has started Masters in Fintech, a two-year, full-time masters degree course, in collaboration with the BSE Institute Ltd. The curriculum covers the fundamentals of blockchain and the financial markets.


Top 5 Recruiters for This JobRole:

MasterCard: MasterCard needs blockchain solutions architects to extend blockchain capabilities to its financial services. The highly agile team is at the core of the research and development department to redefine financial services for its customers.

IBM: The company helps to design, code, and consult with the high-performance team to produce world-class software solutions using blockchain technology. 

Ventera: Ventera is a premier technology consulting company focusing on delivering critical enterprise-based digital services powered by blockchain and disruptive technologies.

Accenture: The company focuses on reshaping the future for its clients by providing advanced technological solutions, business strategies, with professionals to work collaboratively and produce the desired results. 

Microsoft: Microsoft uses the blockchain ledger and business analytics to identify key opportunities and provide the best services to its customers.

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