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Offering AI Cloud Platform to Empower Global Enterprises in 2021


October 19, 2021

DataRobotCutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud, and many others are thriving in the global tech market with their smart functionalities. DataRobot is one of the popular artificial intelligence companies focused on introducing the AI cloud as the next-gen artificial intelligence. The mission is to leverage artificial intelligence for empowering other businesses, IT professionals, business analysts, and data scientists to work with augmented intelligence. Let’s explore how DataRobot utilizes these disruptive technologies for effective data management through its AI platform.

DataRobot is a well-known artificial intelligence company to provides its customized AI cloud platform that runs anywhere at scale. It harnesses decision intelligence, MLOps, machine learning, and data engineering with multiple steps— prepare, builds, deploys, predict, monitor, and optimize Continuous artificial intelligence. This AI platform helps to experience the full potential of human and machine intelligence for effective data management in this highly competitive market. The AI platform provides data science and analytics experts, IT and DevOps teams, executives, and information workers for data preparation, putting machine learning models into production, and partner with leaders in automated machine learning to apply artificial intelligence respectively.

The artificial intelligence company offers augmented intelligence, data engineering, machine learning, MLOps, decision intelligence, and trusted AI through its AI Cloud platform. It consists of some of the key capabilities such as AI for Good, AutoML, data preparation, automated time series, Zepl notebooks, no code app builder, and many more. It is known for serving multiple industries such as banking, retail, oil and gas, public sector, sports, fintech, healthcare, financial markets, and many more. These clients utilize DataRobots to increase their productivity and efficiency by leveraging artificial intelligence.

DataRobot provides world-class data scientists with more than 2.72 billion models built around 2.5 million daily with over 1000 total years of data science experience on the customer-facing data science teams and 1.4 million person-hours of engineering innovation building the product. It is known for raising US$300 million in Series G investment and acquiring Algorithmia in 2021.

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