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Seek the required skills and essential online courses for a professional cloud consultant

Average Salary (per annum): US$1,19,804

Roles and Responsibilities: A Cloud Consultant has specialisation in Cloud systems to suggest and offer appropriate designs and high-level architecture to their clients. The candidate needs to research the daily routines through multiple questions and implement a Cloud system for customisation according to the client’s needs. Cloud consultant is required to facilitate the efficient use of Cloud computing in designing migration policies and usage of Cloud environment.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Science, Computer Engineering or IT
  • Strong customer service skills with communication skills
  • Good recommending skills including analytical abilities
  • Problem-solving skills with an in-depth knowledge of one operating system such as Linux, Windows, Unix and many more
  • Experience with network administration like DNS, VPN, BGP and programming languages like Node.JS, Java, Python and so on
  • Practical experience in compute infrastructure, networking, DevOps and Hadoop


Top Online Courses:

Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Courses from Udemy: The course includes 11 hours of on-demand videos with 13 articles covering core concepts of the Salesforce Sales Cloud Certification examination. The candidate can create multiple Salesforce Sales processes and configure Salesforce Lightning pages.

PG Certification in Cloud Computing and DevOps from IIT Roorkee-WileyNXT: It is the most comprehensive PG certification programme to develop strong skills to manage and maintain Cloud infrastructure and deploy Cloud applications. It is a seven-month programme for professionals interested in Cloud computing, aspiring Cloud consultants and established Cloud consultants. The curriculum covers best-in-class content with videos, case studies and projects through 17 modules.

Introduction to Cloud Computing-IBM from edX: A candidate can master the core concepts of Cloud computing and become a professional Cloud consultant with the help of this course. This course covers the fundamental knowledge required for a better understanding of Cloud computing such as essential characteristics, history, trends, Cloud service models, deployment models as well as key components of a Cloud architecture. It is suitable for everyone who wants to be in the Cloud ecosystem as a Cloud consultant.


Top Institutes offering the programme:

  • B. Tech in IT and Computer Science: SRM Institute of Science and Technology
  • PG Diploma in Management—Emerging Technology with AWS Educate Cloud curriculum: ASM Institute of Management and Computer Studies
  • B. Tech in IT and Computer Science: Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology


Top Recruiters for this Job:

Amazon: Being one of the most popular companies in Cloud computing, Amazon is driven to build technologies, products and services that can transform the lives of society. The employees research and develop new technologies from AWS to Alexa to be the most well-known customer-centric company in the world.

Microsoft Azure: Microsoft Azure is focused on making an organisation efficient with an open and flexible cloud computing platform. It provides on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud to create secure and future-ready cloud solutions for its clients. There are multiple products from Azure— Synapse Analytics, Stack HCI, Functions, SQL Database and many more.

Google Cloud: Google Cloud helps to accelerate the business and connect people in open-source, multi-cloud and hybrid clouds anywhere around the world. The clients can develop new apps faster, enable smart decisions with machine learning and advanced analytics functionalities and invest in Cloud with utmost confidence.

XenonStack: XenonStack is focused on building Cloud platforms for data intelligence, business agility and resilience. It offers an end-to-end solution to develop and deploy applications on the Cloud and build AI applications to enhance business outcomes. It is known as the Cloud-native and platform engineering company solving complex problems with technology.

Itransition: Itransition elaborates a Cloud adoption strategy to cover technological changes as well as high-level challenges with trouble-free cloud transformation. It provides Cloud infrastructure consulting where the team evaluates current infrastructures and estimates the budget required for a Cloud shift. The customers can choose the most suitable Cloud technologies as per the business requirements.

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