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Start Your Self-Care with Skin-Care Tech from Grooming Brands

AI Beauty Tech for Men: Start Your Self-Care with Skin-Care Tech from Grooming Brands

It is well-known that cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, IoT, and many more are thriving in the fashion and beauty industry in the last few years. The target audience was only women till now. Recently, AI beauty tech has recognized the potential market among the men’s group. Thus, this is good news for all men in the global society who want to have the right men’s self-care routine just like women. Multiple grooming brands have started leveraging skin-care technology, especially for men to have clear and smooth skin at all ages. Let’s dig deep into AI beauty tech for men to get a better understanding.

Multiple grooming brands are partnering with tech companies that are focused on AI beauty tech with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality for an immersive experience. The latest skin-care technology provides a digital skin-care analysis tool that allows men to click a selfie to receive an appropriate product recommendation depending on their skin color, type, texture, and issues. This AI beauty tech for men is very helpful for beginners who are new in this beautiful market and want to protect their skin from the harmful pollution of cities. The skin-care technology from grooming brands also offers recommendations for new men’s self-care routines to have younger glowing skin in the future.

The AI beauty tech for men is determined to educate men about the importance of men’s self-care and different skin-care technologies suitable for their use. There is a rising number of skin-care startups and grooming brands across the world to focus on different self-care routines for all genders and skin types. The AI beauty tech can analyze eye dullness, dark spots, pimples, wrinkles, and other issues, and send product recommendations through an email.

There is also a launch of innovative AI beard color technology for men’s self-care day. It is the first-ever AI-based precise virtual try-on experience for different hair and beard colors. Grooming brands are focused on integrating AI beauty tech into men’s grooming D2C experience. The AI beauty tech for men is focused on bringing higher male customer engagement and confidence with new product discoveries related to men’s self-care routine.

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