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Surging Over 70,000% in One Week, New Crypto Craze!


Investors are eyeing on the recent trending crypto craze from KoKoSwapcryptocurrency

KoKoSwapcryptocurrency is thriving in the cryptocurrency market recently while surging more than 70,000% in one week. This cryptocurrency price is another breakthrough just like the Squid Game cryptocurrency. Investors are instigated to invest a lot of money in this KoKoSwapcryptocurrency due to this trending crypto craze. Let’s dig deep into this new cryptocurrency in town before starting the long-term investment in the highly volatile market.

The price of KoKoSwapcryptocurrency reached a record-breaking height from US$0.01005 to US$7.22 in 24 hours on November 10, 2021. Meanwhile, on November 14, it reached $9.05 with a market capitalization of US$2 billion. The current cryptocurrency price is US$6.65 with a ranking of #2762 on CoinMarketCap.

KoKoSwap is known as a unique cryptocurrency platform with a combination of NFT trading features and blockchain gaming. It consists of an invite-only celebrity NFT platform with a one-stop destination for staking cryptocurrencies, purchasing digital assets, and playing decentralized games efficiently. The current KoKoSwapcryptocurrency price is US$6.65 with a green light of 1.06%.

KoKoSwap consists of KokoStake that lets users stake Ether or KOKO tokens to earn high interest per annum with a minimum period of one year. The gaming platform will allow users to have personalized gorilla characters with limited edition merchandises for trade and auction. The games will be based on HTML5, Flash and WebGL JavaScript.

The unexpected and unprecedented cryptocurrency prices are becoming the new normal for the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. Reaching over 70,000% of the cryptocurrency price is highly interesting for investors to gain profit in their digital wallets. But they have to be very careful before choosing such new trending cryptocurrencies. The world has experienced the recent crypto-scam from the Squid Game token. Recently new cryptocurrencies are gaining sudden popularity such as Mana, KOKO, Squid, ShibaInu, Ethereum Meta, and so on.

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