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The basics of Cyber Security Everyone should know!


Cybersecurity has become one of the most important aspects that businesses and individuals should consider.

Cyber security or online security is no longer a thing that only concerns the IT field. It is a matter of concern for every individual that users the internet for big or small purposes. With our increase in the usage of the internet cyber threats and attacks are also overgrowing.  Cyberbullies and hackers are using more advanced techniques to target the system.

The only thing that lets people fall for their tricks is the lack of personal cyber security knowledge. We have turned towards the internet for our entertainment, work, socializing, businesses, and whatnot, which means we have a lot of our data present online too. This can make us more vulnerable to cyber threats as we have a lot of confidential information out online but only by following a few simple tips and being more aware of the basics of cyber security, we can save ourselves from a major loss.


How to keep yourself safe online?

To begin with, keeping yourself safe online make sure you’re choosing a reliable and secure internet connection. For that case, Windstream Internet can prove to be a great choice as it offers a Kinetic secure network to keep your devices safe from malware or viruses and prevent your personal and business accounts from being hacked.

Once you have managed to get a secure network you can take safety measures at your end to ensure your cyber security like:

  • Avoid opening emails you receive from strangers.
  • Be careful while using unsecured public Wi-Fi
  • Keep all your accounts secured with strong passwords
  • Keep your devices up to date
  • Do not click on the random links that pop up on your screen
  • Make sure you’re surfing through safe webs
  • Be careful with your confidential information regarding personal/financial accounts
  • Avoid sharing too much personal information publicly.
  • Use two-factor verification methods.
  • Use the latest and upgraded version of anti-virus software
  • Avoid downloading things from an unsecured website


What is the importance of cyber security?

The importance of Cybersecurity is greater than you think. It’s related to protecting your data, programs, networks, personal information, private assets, and everything online from unauthorized or unattended access, damage, or hacking. Cybersecurity not only protects data and helps to secure information but also prevents our systems from virus attacks.

With an updated cybersecurity program your organization can defend itself against breach campaigns and from making it a target for cyberbullies. With all our activities switching to online mode, from shopping to bank transfers, from business to personal communications, each one of us have enough data for cyber criminals to reach out to and use it against us for their own benefit.

Cybersecurity holds great importance for us because it allows us to be online without the fear of theft, being hacked, or being blackmailed. It has become more like a necessity to educate yourself, the staff you have, and people around you on the common scams like phishing and complex attacks like ransomware attacks and malware attacks. Only when you are educated enough about these topics you would know how to deal with these things and what to do if you encounter any cyber threat in the future.


Privacy is everything!

We really mean it when we say that privacy is everything. Many people take this thing for granted thus oversharing their personal information without realizing their privacy settings are publicly viewable. To stay on the safe side it’s better to keep the stuff related to you like your personal information, your whereabouts etc. only viewable to your friends or yourself.

We know the internet is a great place t socialize but do not trust random people too soon and share personal details about yourself and our business. You never know what intention a stranger is coming at you from. Keep your location data, health, and personal finances private.

Maintain appropriate social boundaries, manage a healthy reputation online and take full control of your personal data. Don’t easily provide your social security number just because someone has asked for it. Determine the need of asking and consider if it’s really important to share or not. Keep your passwords strong and unique.


Wrapping it up:

With increasing cybersecurity programs hackers and their witty tactics are also improving. They keep coming up with new cyber threats, hacking tricks, and different ways to bully people online. They might take some useful piece of information that you’ve failed to protect at your end and use it against you for their own good.

It’s better to educate yourself. Know your privacy rights, educate on basic cybersecurity laws and adequately handle hackers and cyberbullies. But before all that ensure cybersecurity tips at your end by having a secure connection so you do not face any bigger risk or inconvenience.

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