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There is no refusal that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. So the government should set up a regulatory system to secure financial backers, foster technology. The past few years have seen a sensational ascent in the prevalence of cryptocurrencies in India, with some promoting them to be the ‘digital currency of the future.

With regards to the regulation of cryptocurrencies in India, policymakers should recognize the difficulties while at the same time embracing a solution-based approach to deal with any regulatory system. In the course of recent years, the Indian government’s situation around crypto has seen different shifts. The first formal limitation on cryptocurrency transactions was advanced by the RBI in 2018. This roundabout kept banks and monetary organizations from empowering exchanges with cryptocurrency platforms and virtual monetary standards. To add to this, in 2019, a Parliamentary board officially advised against managing digital currency and pushed for it to be prohibited.

Despite these positive signs, there has been a recent disruption in the administrations of cryptographic money trades in India with a few banks debilitating payment entryways from handling exchanges towards digital currency platforms in the country. This recent disruption has hindered the development of organizations, just as made a boundary to speculation openings for Indian purchasers.

The issue is especially important thinking about the remarkable expansion in the prevalence of digital forms of money, both in terms of trading and venture resource. This element is underlined by the general interest in cryptocurrencies in India expanding by 317.2 percent throughout 2020, as per a report. The development in revenue and interest in cryptocurrency has likewise been reflected in the ascent of different Indian digital currency exchanging platforms, driven by the likes of WazirX and CoinDCX.

It is prudent for the government to make the most of the chance introduced and recognize the significant job that cryptocurrency is going to play in the future. The Center and NITI Aayog should get into the demonstration rapidly to foster an empowering system that includes a consistent course of top to bottom examination and partner discussion for regulation of crypto exchange. India should not squander this opportune moment to move towards a dynamic form of regulation that secures customers while guaranteeing ideal development and advancement for cryptocurrencies and the subordinate ventures that will arise around them.

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