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Top 10 AI-based Inspection Tools in the Market Today

AI-based Inspection Tools

Coronavirus has progressively determined manufacturers to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) into their production processes. As per the survey, 76% of manufactures have accepted advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, and cloud computing. Also, 66% of executives who use AI in their everyday tasks have expressed that their dependence on innovation is expanding every day. With this headway, conventional techniques to quality control inspections miss the mark. Artificial intelligence is a specialist that manufacturers are confident will bring in a more significant wave of development. There are multiple benefits of utilizing AI-based inspection tools. From the diminished intellectual burden for operators and less missed deformities to the capacity to identify many spaces of interest on a product in seconds. So, here is the list of the top 10 AI-based inspection tools that are available in the market today:


Smart Cameras

Industrial, AI smart camera is one of the best AI-based inspection tools that integrate AI capabilities directly within the camera by combining hardware with a pre-installed software environment. The all-in-one integration of image sensors modules, GPU or VPU modules, cables, industrial rich I/O, protocol communication, and analytics improves compatibility, speeds up installation, and minimizes maintenance issues, ideal for various quality inspection applications.


Automated Quality Inspection Systems

Automated quality inspection systems using machine vision AI software can classify what they see, become smarter over time, and also create automation workflows. For instance, classifying a defect as a crease and sending a message to a conveyors controller to slow down. Machine vision AI software gives machine vision experts the tools to build, test and deploy AI models faster.


3D AI Construction Inspection

3D AI construction inspection software solution is used for construction monitoring, testing, and inspection with cutting-edge and easy-to-use 3D artificial intelligence technology. With unmatched construction quality inspection and progress tracking at your fingertips 3D AI construction inspection software solution is one of the best AI-based inspection tools as you can build your project more quickly and efficiently.


Automated Optical Inspection

Every issue that accompanies manual inspection is solved by automated optical inspection. The key to automated optical inspection is coupling deep learning and machine vision. This enables manufacturers to build smart systems that perform thorough quality checks down to the smallest detail. It is one reason why automated optical inspection is one of the most widely used AI-based inspection tools.


Building Inspection Tool

The building inspection tool uses text mining techniques to look for keywords in the building inspection reports. It identifies the damage type and the extent of the problem from the damage descriptions in the inspection reports. Then, unsupervised clustering is used to classify the damage into four levels of severity.


Augmented Machine Vision Solution (AMVS)

AMVS is used for the inspection of critical industrial equipment, particularly for subsea oil and gas infrastructure. Instead of sending technicians offshore to view numerous hours of footage recorded by inspection devices, the AMVS’ AI engine allows it to perform this task, searching for potential faults and flaws that may warrant further inspections or repairs undertaken.



Inspection² is built for industrial inspection data. Therefore, the range and volume of data that can be imported and exported are significant. Inspection² automates anomaly discovery and quantification across thousands of images in a matter of minutes. Using artificial intelligence, inspection² software finds anomalies among thousands of images, saving time and delivering more reliable results.


Visual Inspection AI

Visual inspection AI tool is used to help manufacturers identify defects in products before they are shipped. Visual inspection AI is designed for various industries and uses cases, such as automotive, semiconductor production, and electronics manufacturing.


Equipment Inspection

Equipment inspection is used to detect the presence of workers, equipment, and materials such as protective equipment. AI vision helps to improve safety and productivity in manufacturing and construction. Deep learning algorithms can accurately detect objects in plants and on construction sites by processing real-time video streams of cameras such as surveillance or IP cameras.


Vision AI

Vision AI is used to help manufacturers enhance their vision inspection process. The AI-powered visual quality inspection goes beyond the capabilities of machine vision alone in detecting anomalies and product variations. Using our proven vision AI technology, manufacturers can continue to scale production and adapt to workforce changes while achieving even higher levels of quality control.

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