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Top 10 AI Internships in India that are Available Right Now!


November 1, 2021

AI Internships

AI is an incredible feat that is enabling the creation of different machines and tools that can perform intelligent tasks and has already initiated enormous changes in the industrial landscape. Whether it’s in the healthcare industry or education, the application of AI has opened up new doors of possibilities and progress that were unimaginable before. The AI industry is growing, and nowadays, almost everyone wants to become a part of the revolution. Although the basic understanding of AI and its applications is crucial, knowing the right usage in the real-world scenario is also important. So, in this article, we have listed the top AI internships that are available in India right now.


• Artificial Intelligence Intern

Offered by: RetrieveAI

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

Candidates applying for this post should be pursuing or possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or other related fields and should be efficient team players. They should also have excellent programming skills, strong knowledge of AWS Lex Chatbot and Lambda Functions, and client-facing skills like collaboration, facilitating, and communication.


• Artificial Intelligence Intern

Offered by: EGuidance Labs

Location: Kochi, Kerala, India

EGuidance is looking for dynamic machine learning and AI trainees with a degree in engineering or statistics and relevant project experience in data and ML-related fields. They should have excellent coding skills, strong knowledge of ML concepts and NLP, a good understanding of deep learning networks, like CNN, RNN, LSTM, and GPT-n. They should also be strong team players.


• Android Developer Internship

Offered by: Graple

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

One of the key responsibilities of the candidates applying for this role will be to work closely with the founding team and customize their apps’ user experience by writing new features. The applicants should possess basic knowledge in Andriod Java, UI/UX development, and API integrations. Any knowledge about the previously launched applications in android would be considered as an advantage.



• Artificial Intelligence Intern

Offered by: izDOX AI Platform by bizAmica

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

The applicants should have strong Python coding skills for developing AI, ML, deep learning, NLP, and computer vision-based tools. A strong fundamental understanding of ML and DL algorithms is also required, along with the knowledge to build data pipelines to train and build models. They should also know how to work in Linux-based OS.


• Machine Learning Intern

Offered by: WorqHat

Location: India

The intern’s daily responsibilities would include studying and transforming data science prototypes, designing machine learning systems, researching and implementing appropriate ML algorithms and tools, running different machine learning tests, performing statical analysis, training and retraining systems whenever necessary, and keeping abreast of all technological developments.


• Data Science Intern

Offered by: newAmps Consulting

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

It is a full-time internship where the applicants should have deep knowledge about AI, NLP, Python and should also be proficient in JavaScript. Candidates with B.Tech, along with an MBA degree will be most preferred. The duration of the internship is 6 months and even freshers can apply.


• Data Science Student Intern

Offered by: SkillVertex

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

It is a 2-month online internship and training program designed by industry experts in MNCs. In the first month, the selected candidates will have live interaction classes with experts, where they will be trained with practical knowledge of the industry so that they can hone their skills. And in the second month, they will be tested with one minor and one major project, based on the knowledge gained in the first month.


• Data Science Intern

Offered by: NPPD

Location: India

The company is hiring freshers who are excellent with the basic concepts of data analytics and can create reports based on it. The selected applicants will work on creating a basic data structure for a fitness brand, conduct opinion analysis of customers using NLP techniques, and create report templates using Google apps and cloud servers.


• Machine Learning Intern

Offered by: iPing Data Labs LLP

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

iPing Data Labs is looking for interns to work with their machine learning team to build end-t-end computer vision and ML solutions. It is a 3-4 months paid internship with the possibility of converting to a full-time job. The applicants must have hands-on experience in Python and good knowledge about ML, DL, and computer vision.


• Machine Learning Intern

Offered by: Phenom

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

The company is offering an internship with their machine learning team for the conversational AI and scheduling divisions. The interested applicants should possess detailed knowledge in Python, or any other programming language, and focus on improving the scalability and the performance of the deployed ML systems at large.

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