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Top 10 Amazing Enterprise AI Platforms Available in 2021


November 9, 2021

AI Platforms

The cutting-edge technologies around artificial intelligence (AI) have given rise to different types of AI such as responsible AI, ethical AI, enterprise AI, conversational AI, and many more. These AI platforms are known for being an end-to-end platform for different machine learning and artificial intelligence projects in tech companies. The global enterprise AI market size is expected to reach US$53.06 billion in 2026 with a CAGR of 35.4%. This article is a guide to the top ten amazing and useful enterprise AI platforms available for efficient use in this global tech-driven market.



Top ten Enterprise AI platforms in 2021


DataRobot is known as one of the top ten enterprise AI platforms for offering the flexibility, agility, and security of fully-managed cloud software services. It provides an end-to-end enterprise AI that automates and accelerates each step from data to valuable insights. Stakeholders can use automated decision intelligence with AI to extract business value from real-time data. This AI platform allows customers to have effective data management and validate machine learning models in a single solution. There is a collaboration between DataRobot and Wipro to simplify AI deployment in enterprises in the dynamic enterprise AI segment.



C3 AI is one of the top ten enterprise AI platforms focused on providing a leading enterprise AI software technology for accelerating digital transformation. This AI platform provides C3 AI Suite as a complete end-to-end AI platform for designing, developing, deploying, and operating enterprise AI applications at an industrial scale on different cloud platforms such as AWS and Microsoft Azure. is a well-known artificial intelligence company for its leading Enterprise AI platform for commerce, revenue growth, inventory optimization, customer intelligence, supply chain intelligence, and sales predictability. It is designed to help enterprises drive profitable revenue growth with a system of actionable intelligence. This AI platform helps in blazing-fast processing of massive amounts of real-time data, providing proactive and timely alerts as well as notifications, anomaly and pattern detection, and predictive and prescriptive recommendations.



Databricks is one of the leading enterprises AI cloud data platforms for deploying advanced data science projects with artificial intelligence and machine learning in enterprises efficiently and effectively. This tech company is well-known for raising billions of dollars in Series G to drive the AI platform through business intelligence. It provides a single AI platform for different tasks such as ETL and multiple functionalities of artificial intelligence. Databricks is known for using four tools to create a smart functionality— Apache Spark, DeltaLake, MLFlow, and Koalas.



Dataiku is an AI platform that lets enterprises transform raw data into advanced analytics with effective data visualization. It has recently announced a fully-managed online version of the Enterprise AI platform to drive growth in smaller enterprises efficiently and effectively. This tech company also enabled to deployment a production-ready multi-node instance of Dataiku in the Microsoft Azure environment for different enterprises. is an advanced AI cloud platform focused on simplifying and driving AutoML capabilities with accuracy, speed, and transparency. It has recently announced the collaboration of the H2O AI hybrid cloud with Teradata’s multi-cloud platform known as Vantage. The aim of this partnership is to accelerate Enterprise AI adoption in the cloud with artificial intelligence-based solutions. It will help to meet the rising demand of enterprise customers in different cloud environments.



IBM has launched IBM PowerAI enterprise with different resources such as IBM support portal, IBM fixes central, IBM passport advantage, IBM Redbooks, IBM developer, and IBM training. There are different hardware and software requirements to set up this enterprise AI environment. There is the automated installer as a beta function to automate some of the setups and install processes with the integration of artificial intelligence.



Datakeen is a well-known tech company to edits an enterprise AI platform with a hundred percent integrated solution. This AI platform consists of multiple modules with the integration of artificial intelligence. It provides ready-to-use models, control and role management interfaces, a workflow engine, and adaptability.



Tech Mahindra has launched an enterprise AI/ML platform on the open-source Acumos platform known as GAiA. This AI platform is a collaboration between Tech Mahindra and AT&T with Linux Foundation. It is known for the E2E AI lifecycle management platform with pre-trained production grade models and the reuse of existing machine learning models.



Wipro is one of the top ten enterprise AI platforms available in 2021 as the leading global IT and business process services company. It is focused on providing augmented intelligence at scale to help customers become AI-driven enterprises. The collaboration with DataRobot will enhance the execution of artificial intelligence strategy in enterprises to transform it into intelligent enterprises on the Wipro Holmes AI platform.

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