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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Tools Used in Marketing

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence tools used in marketing let businesses create personalization to the customer lifecycle journey.

Marketing is undoubtedly an integral part of the customer lifecycle journey from a prospective lead to a loyalist. It concentrates on a customer-centric mass appeal and that’s where an intelligent blend of AI into marketing comes into the picture. In the age of intelligent marketing, marketers are responsible not only for bringing in leads and telling stories but for guiding the customer through his/her lifecycle. AI becomes increasingly effective, easy to implement, and cheaper. Thus, many marketers and business owners have let it take over and augment marketing tasks. Digital marketing is entirely data-driven. Copywriting and content creation, building a marketing strategy, performance monitoring, updates, and planning, AI can interfere at every stage with varying levels of maturity. This article lists the top 10 artificial intelligence tools used in marketing.



Content marketing is becoming more and more of a necessity, yet content creation remains such a bottleneck, especially for small organizations with limited bandwidth. Kafkai helps automate that, training a general writing model on popular SEO niches, their AI can create custom content from scratch on a variety of topics.



To create popular content, it helps to know what’s already getting lots of buzzes. Enter BuzzSumo, which allows anyone to discover the most popular content online by topic, on any website. Marketers use Buzzsumo to create highly engaging content. It has features for monitoring the performance of your content and identifying any influencers you may benefit from. BuzzSumo can provide you with insights on competitors, alert you to content crises, and help you develop a solid content strategy.


HubSpot SEO

HubSpot SEO is another irreplaceable AI tool for the Human content team. It uses machine learning to determine how search engines understand and categorize your content. HubSpot SEO helps you improve your search engine rankings and outrank your competitors. Search engines reward websites that organize their content around core subjects, or topic clusters. HubSpot SEO helps you discover and rank for the topics that matter to your business and customers.



Socialbakers, as a unified social media marketing platform, provides all the tools you need to manage and measure the social media audience, discover influencers, your customer personas, and automate the process of creating just the right content for them. By determining what works best for your goals, the AI-powered systems, like the ones present in the social media platforms or other third-party tools, can partially or fully create ads for you. These solutions use natural language generation (NLG) and natural language processing (NLP) to write ad copies that sometimes perform even better than the ones prepared by humans.



Click360 combines website visit data with the information in your CRM system to help predict which leads are ready to buy and how you can best move them through the sales cycle. It’s a sales and marketing intelligence platform that uses deep learning to extract actionable insights from prospect engagement on your site.



PaveAI allows agencies, e-commerce vendors, and businesses of all sizes to focus their content marketing efforts more effectively by using AI to identify correlations in Google Analytics data which would be extremely hard to spot manually. The tool’s algorithm looks at 16+ million possible combinations to identify the most important insights across all marketing channels. Get data-driven recommendations on exactly how to increase your ROI.


Market Muse

Market Muse is an AI marketing tool exclusively designed to cater to the content part of a business’s marketing endeavours. When it comes to content, having a subjective, opinion-based approach isn’t the right way. Like every other time, leveraging data while creating a content strategy is vital as well. This AI marketing software helps you use the power of artificial intelligence to create a content strategy for your business


Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is an artificial intelligence software that can ramp up the performance of your email marketing campaigns. It can also boost engagement for your e-commerce store. This AI email marketing tool can benefit you in more than one way. Email inboxes are so noisy that you need to break through the clutter by using artificial intelligence to deliver your emails and provide analytics.

Morphl is AI software development that helps not only to find the right keywords for content optimization but also understand what is the message behind user’s queries including voice queries. This tool offers 8 different machine-learning models that are most useful for Retail Businesses.



This is also a chatbot framework in its way, but its focus is on Facebook and Telegram. These platforms are very important for business development, inside them such chatbots can understand and respond to requests due to the ability to recognize natural speech. They operate 24/7, which is very convenient when you don’t cope with a huge number of queries.

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