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Top 10 Automation Tools Used for Better Customer Service


November 9, 2021

Automation Tools

The best way to gauge the service to increase your business is to provide excellent customer service that can give you profit over the long term. In today’s landscape, customer service is a must-have service for every business across industries. And so, many business owners are looking to enhance customer services through various ways and make it more accessible, quicker, and more affordable to scale up their businesses. Here are the best 10 automation tools for customer service. These customer service tools for small businesses can be of great help.


1 HubSpot Service Hub

The vital part of the customer service is the helpdesk, this can help customers in finding help that they are looking for. Your help desk software is simple yet powerful to handle and manage any kind of situation. HubSpot Service Hub is one of the automation tools for customer service that can provide help at any time. It also connects seamlessly to the HubSpot CRM to give the business one unified view of every customer interaction. These are good tools for improving customer service.


2 Olark

Olark is a chat tool that helps in connecting customers to the right service representatives present at the moment. This is one of the automation tools for customer service that can give access to real-time chat metrics and transcripts to make sure that the customer service satisfies your customers.


3 Zendesk

Zendesk is another one of the automation tools for customer service that can improve relationships between the company and the customer. It takes an omnichannel approach that makes it easy for customer reps to keep track of conversations across emails, social media, live chat, and phone that can enable your business to have a simple unified view of customers’ history with your company. The desk can also be used for enhancing customer insights and advanced analytics from dashboards and reports.


4 Freshdesk

Freshdesk is one of the automation tools for customer services that enable support reps to offer real-time support across email, phone, chat, and social media. Freshdesk also automates routine support workflow operations, deferring common customer questions to FAQs. It allows us to keep tabs on team performance, enabling us to build customer reports, customer sentiment, and dashboards.


5 PieSync

Using PieSync you can set up two-way syncs between your key apps to ensure that updated customer data flows both ways between the automation tools. This way, customers facing teams are never in the dark when a customer calls and can help them to guide better. This is one of the best automation tools for customer service.


6 Zoha Desk

Zoha Desk is one of the automation tools that help businesses to focus on the customers better. It aims to enhance customer service agent efficiency and emphasize context-specific solutions. It offers built-in call functionality with the email ticketing system. The customers can also submit their issues on social media networking sites.


7 HelpJuice

HelpJuice is one of the great automation tools for customer service that can easily customize and navigate. It also helps in collaborative workflow options and powerful metrics to make sure the top of your customer service game every day.


8 Nicereply

Nicereply is a powerful tool that helps in providing customer feedback. You can create surveys to send out to your customers and use their customization options to keep it synchronous with your branding. This is one of the best automation tools for customer service. You can also make necessary changes to make sure you get the information you need at the right time.


9 Intercom

Intercom is one of the automation tools for customer service that is a cutting edge messaging platform that allows businesses to communicate easily with existing customers through their website, social media, or emails. It lets businesses track and filter customer data such as product usage behavior, conversation history, past purchases, and payment details.


10 Vanilla

Vanilla is a customer forum tool that can help you facilitate customer-to-customer interactions to weed out bots and trolls. It also offers some gamification features to encourage customers to interact through your platform. This is one of the best automation tools for customer service.

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