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Top 10 AutoML Tools Used in Data Science Projects in 2021

Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) software, also known as AutoML tools or services, enables data scientists and machine learning engineers, as well as non-technical users, to automatically build scalable machine learning models.

Most AutoML tools accomplish this via auto-breaking down information and choosing calculations models dependent on experiences acquired from information investigation. These models are prepared, tried, and refined on a subset of the accessible data utilizing different techniques. At last, models with the best exhibition are imparted to the end client. Most AutoML TOOLS permit clients to compromise among intricacy and execution. In this manner, clients get the opportunity to assemble complex models with elite execution or less mind-boggling models, reasonable models that offer somewhat mediocre exhibition. Here is the list of the top 10 AutoML tools used in data science projects in 2021:



PyCaret is an open-source, low-code AI library in Python that intends to decrease the process duration from speculation to bits of knowledge. It is appropriate for prepared data scientists who need to expand the efficiency of their ML tests by utilizing PyCaret in their work processes.



Auto-SKLearn is a mechanized machine learning programming bundle based on scikit-learn. Auto-SKLearn liberates an AI client from calculation choice and hyper-boundary tuning. It incorporates highlight designing techniques like One-Hot, computerized include normalization, and PCA. The model uses SKLearn assessors to deal with grouping and relapse issues. Auto-SKLearn performs well in medium and little datasets, yet it cannot create current profound learning frameworks with the most exceptional exhibition in enormous datasets.



MLBox is a powerful Automated Machine Learning python library. As per the authority archive, it gives the components like quick perusing and conveyed information reprocessing/cleaning/designing, profoundly powerful element determination and release identification just as precise hyper-boundary enhancement, State-of-the craftsmanship prescient models for order and relapse (Deep Learning, Stacking, LightGBM, and so on), forecast with model translation.



TPOT is a tree-based pipeline optimization tool that uses genetic algorithms to optimize machine learning pipelines. TPOT is built on top of scikit-learn and uses its classifier methods. TPOT explores thousands of possible connections and finds the one that best fits the data.



H2O is an open-source and distributed in-memory machine learning platform developed by H2O supports both R and Python. It supports the most widely used statistical and machine learning algorithms includes gradient boosted machines, generalized linear models, deep learning, and more.



Enhencer is an AutoML Platform with a focus on practicality and transparency. It has a state-of-the-art user interface that allows building Machine Learning models with a few clicks. Enhencer presents understandable performance metrics, consequently making model performance evaluation and tuning a simple task. Also, the performance of a model can be tracked with the interfaces of Enhencer.



Akkio is a simple, visual, easy-to-use platform that enables anyone to supercharge everyday sales, marketing, and finance tasks with the power of AI. Train and deploy AI models in under 5 minutes. No consultants. No software to install. No sales conversations. No AI experience is needed. Try free and see how AI can help grow your business.



BigML’s AutoML is an Automated Machine Learning tool for BigML. The first version of AutoML helps automate the complete Machine Learning pipeline, not only the model selection. To boot, it’s pretty easy to execute.

The user needs to give it training and validation datasets, and it will give back a Fusion with the best possible models using the least possible number of features. BigML’s AutoML performs three main operations: Feature Generation, Feature Selection, and Model Selection.



RapidMiner’s automated machine learning can dramatically decrease the time and exertion needed to make prescient models for all organizations and associations paying little heed to estimate, assets or industry.

With its Auto Model, it’s feasible to fabricate prescient models in only five ticks. There is no requirement for specialized aptitude. Clients should simply transfer their information and determine the results he needs, at that point, Auto Model will create the high-esteem experiences he really wants. RapidMiner Auto Model is important for a way to completely computerized data science, from data analysis to display the creation, when joined with Turbo Prep and Model Ops in RapidMiner Studio Enterprise.



Flexfolio, a modular and open solver architecture that integrates several different portfolio-based algorithm selection approaches and techniques. It provides a unique framework for comparing and combining existing portfolio-based algorithm selection approaches and techniques in a single, unified framework.

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