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Top 10 Best Online Programming Courses to Take Up in 2022


December 14, 2021

Online Programming Courses

The best online programming courses offer a great way to get started as a coder

Programming languages use classes and functions that control commands. The reason that programming is so important is that it directs a computer to complete these commands over and over again, so people do not have to do the task repeatedly. Instead, the software can do it automatically and accurately. The best online programming courses offer a great way to get started as a coder. There are thousands of programming courses available in the market today, and it can be overwhelming to choose an ideal course. So to help you avoid wasting your time, this article features the top 10 best online programming courses to take up in 2022. Here are some free and budget-friendly online programming courses for you:



Since 2018, CodeGym is one of the most preferred online programming courses, especially for Java learners. This course focuses on learning Java programming from scratch and can be recommended for beginners as an excellent source for coding practice. This course includes bite-sized lectures on Java Syntax, Core, Collections, Multithreading, and over 1200 tasks with instant verification and coding style tips.


Lynda from LinkedIn Learning

Next on the list of the top 10 best online programming languages to take up in 2022 is Lynda from LinkedIn Learning. The platform offers a massive library of video courses and is widely regarded as one of the best online resources for learning programming languages.



Treehouse is one of the best programming courses to take up in 2022 as it comes with more structure compared to other free resources available on the web, and it also offers built-in weekly support. Treehouse provides a fun way of learning with gamification and awarding points for each progress you make. Also, the platform includes tracks that serve as roadmaps for your learning progress.



Upskill is another great resource for learning web development and programming. You will be given various learning tools, such as video lessons, exercises, and coding challenges. On top of that, their free plan allows you to have access to more than 200 lessons. It is one of the best online programming courses in 2022.


MDN Web Docs

For the past 16 years, MDN is highly regarded by web developers as one of the best platforms for learning programming. It is an excellent platform for people looking to learn more about programming languages in regards to front-end development, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


The Odin Project

The Odin Project was founded in 2013 and is home to more than 280,000 learners and 1,500 contributors. They claim they provide all the resources you need to learn how to create your own website, games, and social media sites, unlike many other platforms that only teach you the basics of programming. The statement seems to hold some credibility as it is highly regarded as one of the best free platforms for learning how to code along with FreeCodeCamp. It is one of the best online programming courses available in the market today.


Envato Tuts+

Envato Tuts+ is a broad training platform that offers courses on several aspects of design, from coding and web design to 3D and illustration. What’s great is that you can choose exactly how you want to learn, whether that’s by video-based lessons, tutorials, or ebooks, including the ever-popular A Book Apart series. An Envato Tuts+ monthly subscription gives you access to all these learning materials, plus its excellent design resource library, Envato Elements.



Codewars was founded by Nathan Doctor in 2012, and the platform utilizes programming challenges known as kata as a teaching tool. These challenges are designed to help students develop their skills through repetition. For those planning to take online programming courses, Codewars might be the one for you.



Since 2013, SoloLearn has grown to become a massive platform with more than 35 million users. The platform helps its users learn programming languages via challenges and quizzes. SoloLearn provides a wide array of programming languages like Python, Java, C++, and a whole lot more.


Dash General Assembly

When there is a talk about free programming courses, one cannot forget about Dash, a free online course offered by General Assembly, primarily focuses on teaching the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for beginners. The course content is interactive, and each step requires you to type in the correct input before you can move on to the next.

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