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Top 10 Data Engineering Courses in India to Take Up in 2022


November 9, 2021

Data Engineering Courses

The role of professionals specializing in data is essential in both tech and non-tech organizations. Since they are professionals with knowledge in data science, mathematics, statistics, and computer science, every industry is utilizing their area of expertise to boost business growth and increase their revenue. Numerous companies from every industry are hiring specialists like data engineers to manage, build, and maintain data infrastructures to facilitate the availability of data for business analysts and data scientists. There are several data engineering courses to help professionals adopt the best skills. Here, we have listed the top 10 data engineering courses in India for 2022.


• Computer Science and Engineering with Specialization in Big Data Analytics

Offered by: Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT)

It is a full-time, two-year post-graduate program in computer science and engineering with a specialization in big data analytics. The core objective of this course is to impart skills in algorithms, database systems, exploratory data, and other related domains. The university also deploys a special focus on inculcating practical skills in the students through various data science, engineering, and technology projects, and theses.


• Tech in Data Science and Engineering

Offered by: BITS Pilani

M.Tech in Data Science and Engineering is a BITS Pilani work-integrated learning program (WILP) that encourages learning without a breakthrough live online lectures conducted mostly on weekends or after office hours by the faculty and experienced industry professionals. It is a four-semester program that helps working professionals build mathematical and engineering skills required to advance their careers as data scientists or data engineers.



• Post Graduate Program in Data Engineering

Offered by: Indian Statistical Institute powered by Edu Plus Now

This Post Graduate Program in Data Engineering is created and delivered by Edu Plus now along with industry experts from the Indian Statistical Institute. The tailor-made curriculum includes SQL, MongoDB, Cloud, Bigdata Hadoop, Python, and other related topics that will help the candidates to acquire industry-demanded skills to start their careers as accomplished data engineering professionals.


• IBM Data Engineering Professional Certificate 

Offered by: Coursera

This Coursera professional certificate program is one of the best options to consider to learn data engineering for complete beginners. The program consists of 13 minor courses, including an introduction to data engineering, Python projects for data engineering, introduction to NoSQL databases, and other related topics. It aims to give an overall perspective on the essentials of the domain.


• Data Engineer with Python Career Track

Offered by: Datacamp

Datacamp is an exclusive platform for learning the unique approaches of data science. This program includes a total of 25 minor courses which include, data engineering fundamentals, and related information and knowledge about SQL, PySpark, shell and data processing, data pipelines, and related fields to start a career track created particularly for data engineering.


• Post Graduate Diploma in Data Engineering and Cloud Computing

Offered by: IIT Jodhpur

It is one of India’s first online PG diplomas with academic credits and assurances. This is a unique approach that helps to master the key technologies involved in generating insights from data that solve complex and modern social and business challenges. The course understands and explains big data characteristics, concepts, and technical understanding of data structures in big data.


• Data Engineer Nanodegree Program

Offered by: Udacity

This Udacity program consists of 5 different minor courses, like data modeling, cloud data warehouses, spark, and data lakes, data pipelines with Airflow, and Capstone project. In addition to this, the program also includes quizzes, exercises, and assignments to strengthen the skills. Specifically, the students will be working on data infrastructure for a music streaming app called Sparkify.


• Microsoft Azure for Data Engineering

Offered by: Coursera

Microsoft Azure for Data Engineering is a specialized course that prepares the candidates for the Azure Data Engineer Associate certification. The course will help the learners to gain expertise in integrating, transforming, and consolidating data for various structured and unstructured data systems that are available for building analytics solutions.


• Cloud Data Engineering

Offered by: Coursera

Cloud Data Engineering is a perfect course for beginners and intermediate-level candidates to learn using cloud computing techniques in data science, machine learning, and data engineering. This course mainly helps to develop data engineering applications and use the best practices for software developers to create easy and complex data platforms.


• Professional Certificate in Data Engineering Fundamentals

Offered by: IBM on edX

This course will help the data aspirants to learn the core principles of the data engineering ecosystem, data integration pipelines, data repositories, business intelligence, and reporting tools. It further explores the concepts of relational and non-relational databases, data marts, and other related fields.

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