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Top 10 Data Warehouse Automation Tools of 2021


November 7, 2021

With Data warehouse automation, one can achieve near-term automation of the full lifecycle of a data warehouse, starting from source code analysis to comprehensive documentation to operationalizing the warehouse. Data warehouse automation is an excellent way of cutting down costs and a way to boost the bottom-line margins. Thus, having the right data warehouse automation tools in place makes it easier for companies to achieve their objectives. On that note, here are the top 10 data warehouse automation tools of 2021. Have a look!



Teradata, headquartered in Ohio, is an internationally renowned company excelling in the field of database services and products. Teradata DWH is widely used for insights, analytics & decision making. What sets this apart from the rest is the fact that it can segregate data into hot and cold.



Oracle is home to a wide range of tools for self-service data loading, data transformations, business models, automatic insights, built-in converged database capabilities, and a lot more. One of the many remarkable features that is definitely worth a mention is that the Oracle data warehouse offers comprehensive data and privacy protection by encrypting data at rest as well as in motion.



ActiveBatch is that one data warehouse automation tool that allows the user to simplify data warehouses by consolidating and coordinating multiple data management tools like ETL tools and BI platforms. Managing and controlling large volumes of data in different IT systems is easier than you can imagine with this tool in place.


Amazon Redshift

This stands the potential to analyze all of your data with the fastest and widely used cloud data warehouse. Amazon Redshift is a cloud-based data warehouse that integrates to your Data Lake & AWS services. In addition to being one of the fastest cloud data warehouses, it is a powerful, simple, and a cost-effective solution.



Xplenty is a cloud-computing ETL tool that provides basic visualized data pipelines to automatic data flows. If you have been hunting for a robust on-site transformation tool for normalizing, transforming, and cleaning the data, your search ends at Xplenty.


SAP, as known to many, is an integrated data management tool for mapping all the business processes of the organization. When we think of a data warehouse automation tool that has fixed certain standards to provide the best business information management deliverables, SAP is the first one to cross our minds.



Tableau has gained prominence as the best data warehouse automation tool in no time. It is known for connecting to any data source safely on-site or in the cloud and is absolutely suitable for comfortable deployment.


Informatica, developed by the Informatica Corporation, provides the capability for connecting and fetching the data from various data sources. It can expand data integration and has everything you need to enhance the performance.



Grow has grabbed eyeballs because of its ability to pull and transform data from multiple sources and blend it to create dashboards that provide better company insights. Yet another point to note is that it includes no-code options to help citizen developers create custom calculations and summaries of relevant data.


Qlik Compose

Qlik Compose is yet another powerful data warehouse software that empowers data architects and data warehouse teams to design, create, and operate the enterprise data warehouse without doing any manual coding. One can design, create, load, and maintain data marts quickly and efficiently.

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