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Top 10 Free Cloud Apps for Business


September 8, 2021

Cloud Apps

Here is the list of the top 10 free cloud apps for business

Cloud apps are well-suited to maximizing expanding flexible working patterns for SMBs all across the country, with a growing demand for companies to make essential files more available to their employees.

However, this increases the need for security, and organizations must continue to ensure that the vast choice of apps at their disposal can keep sensitive data safe while maintaining flexibility. Read on to check out the top 10 free cloud apps that can help you in business.


Best Free Cloud Apps

Google Drive

Google Drive, on the other hand, syncs documents as you work on them, guaranteeing that they’re always updated and backed up in the cloud. You can also ‘pin’ files to your device, enabling you to view and edit them even if you don’t have access to the internet.

While Google’s free tier isn’t as feature-rich as others, it is straightforward to collaborate on projects and add people to them. It’s also ideal for producing all types of files in G Suite, including documents, worksheets, calendars, slideshows, and much more.



Microsoft made a fuss in 2016 when it lowered OneDrive’s free tier from 15GB to 5GB, but it’s still one of the finest alternatives out there.

Microsoft chose to follow Dropbox’s lead and provide additional free storage to those who recommend relatives and friends to the service. Those who get a friend to join up will receive an additional 500MB of free storage for themselves and their buddy.



Box, which is used by 74,000 organizations worldwide, including more than a couple of Fortune 500 businesses, provides a range of features, including device cross-syncing and 10GB of free additional storage. The free software also allows you to view your data offline, and it comes with password locks, tracking, and remote log-out in the event that your box-enabled device is hijacked.



Dropbox is a mainstay of the corporate cloud app world, but its free edition only provides 2GB of storage capacity. The limit can be increased if you recommend friends to the service and meet specific criteria, such as completing the ‘getting started’ tutorial. While data are ‘at rest’ on the server, they are protected by AES-256 encryption, while files exchanged between users are secured with SSL encryption of AES-128 and higher.


Amazon Drive

Amazon also has its own storage, with all Amazon Prime users getting a free 5GB of storage and limitless photo storage, albeit you’ll still have to pay £79 a year or £5.99 monthly for your Prime membership. However, it’s a restricted service that doesn’t enable file sharing.



Apple service allows you to store files from iWork, as well as photographs, music and video files, and device settings, to its cloud. However, because Apple is Apple, you cannot use iCloud from another platform, thus you must be a fully paid-up Apple customer to properly utilize this service. Encrypted data at a minimum of 128-bit AES, with 256-bit AES held for keychain passwords, according to Apple.



Slack is a cloud-based application that centralizes all communications and files. It was created in 2013 with the goal of facilitating online cooperation. This app is compatible with all mobile devices and may also be used over the web.

Businesses may split work into teams, clients, or any other method they see fit using the Slack channel system. Employees are free to join and exit conversations as they choose. It also includes a video option that allows you to chat with members of your team in real-time.



Wave is a small company accounting software suite that is completely free to use.  A specific setup function is included in Wave. Users may then choose which apps to use first: basic bookkeeping, billing, or payroll. For transactional data, companies can link their accounts, PayPal accounts, and other specific data sources. Wave offers a separate invoicing tool with a selection of layouts to pick from. Credit cards may be handled through the site, and invoices can be issued through email.



Paypal is one of the most user-friendly credit card processing services available. Paypal is a very user-friendly tool that may be used to sell items on a retail website, the bill for services, or send money overseas.

Signing up is simple enough, but expect to get it through basic money-laundering checks at first, which entails Paypal depositing a couple of modest sums into your company bank account and notifying you of the amounts so you can verify you’re linked to that account. It takes a few days for the procedure to complete, but once it is, you are ready to accept payments.



Bitrix24 is a comprehensive suite of collaboration, networking, and project management tools with a wide range of features aimed at businesses of all sizes.

Bitrix24’s user interface centralizes all collaboration and communication. Users may use this page to manage and track customer interactions, keep track of all store lead data, produce sales statistics, and segment target audiences. There’s also a built-in invoicing service that can automatically enter customer information.

You may submit files, events, and procedures to share with your colleagues. It’s simple and painless to add new members to Bitrix24 CRM. Admins can allocate users to departments and groups.



Small companies may profit from the ease and flexibility of online storage with the help of free cloud services. Businesses may use their tools on the move with free cloud services instead of storing everything on a single server.

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