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Top 10 Intelligent Automation Communities You Should Join


September 29, 2021

Intelligent Automation

With technological advancement, IT developers are making efforts to develop software that can ease the physical work life. One such advancement in technology is intelligent automation. This new technology has revolutionized the way data is handled and processed. Focusing on this technology the article exhibits the top intelligent automation communities that you must join.

Intelligent automation is greatly driving the future of robots since it empowers them with intelligence and machine learning technology through which they learn and operate accordingly. A large number of business enterprises are working towards the digital transformation of their businesses to meet the demand, increase efficiency and deploy new business models.

There are quite a few intelligent automation communities and forums. But the hard part is searching and landing on the accurate communities addressing intelligent automation. So, let’s find out about the top intelligent automation communities that you must join.



Automation Anywhere, the global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), today launched Apeople™, an online community for the practitioners of RPA, intelligent automation, and business process automation.

Apeople provides Automation Anywhere customers, partners, and the global community of automation enthusiasts a unified platform to connect with peers, share best practices, access resources, and submit suggestions and ideas that will help shape not only the Automation Anywhere product roadmap but the future of the RPA industry.


No Code Founders

NCF is a community of founders, builders, and entrepreneurs that use no-code tools to improve automation workflows and build products and businesses.



Similar to NCF in spirit, but organized around a message board instead of Slack channels. NuCode conversations tend to be more focused and shorter, and often revolve around no-code tools, problems, and solutions.


Marketing Automation Experts

The marketing industry has been an early adopter of workflow intelligent automation tools. It is not uncommon to see marketing professionals automate tasks related to email marketing, lead nurturing, and campaign management.


Reddit – Automated Marketing

Reddit is home to a handful of automation communities. When it comes to workflow automation, intelligent automated marketing is the most specific one. However, given the low activity level of the community, many users prefer to post their questions in other automation forums. The upside is that the community offers a no-frills approach to marketing intelligent automation, and posts tend to be of good quality.


Reddit – The Future is Automation

This Reddit community provides a broad glimpse on all-things automation, from robotics to machine learning and software products. A great place to see a wide array of automation examples, along with links, resources, and news.



A spin-off of the homonymous podcast, Automators grew as a great automation community in its own right, featuring 13 message boards with specific orientations. Conversations are mostly technical, and little automation gems like advice, applications, and ideas are easy to find.


IBM – Digital Business Automation User Community

The IBM automation community is almost dormant, which is strange for a company of that size. However, users might find useful resources in it, as well as a channel to post technical questions about IBM’s automation products.


UiPath Community

The popular RPA tool has a Slack channel, and also a very active forum where users can learn, share, ask, and get answers.


PowerShell Community

IT pros that use PowerShell to automate have many online communities and forums. It is the most numerous and active, which is important for users that wish fast answers to their questions and doubts.

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