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Top 10 Intelligent Automation Platforms for the Developers to Use in 2021


December 2, 2021

Intelligent automation

These intelligent automation platforms are the most useful for developers

Intelligent automation (IA), which is sometimes also called cognitive automation, is the use of automation technologies i.e., – artificial intelligence (AI), business process management (BPM), and robotic process automation (RPA) – to streamline and scale decision-making across organizations. Here is the list of top 10 intelligent automation platforms for the developers in 2021.



Pegasystems offers strategic applications for sales, marketing, services, and management. Pega applications make work logical. It seamlessly connects management channels and clients in real-time, making it easy to react to any sudden changes. Pega’s clients are among the world’s top companies, many of whom have been named in Forbes Global 2000. Pega applications are built using our unified Pega platform and can be used on-site and in the cloud. This platform uses visual tools, making it easy to expand and change applications to match the client’s business needs. Pega has been highly praised by its customers for providing value, reducing work time, incredibly fast development, efficient reuse of data and comprehensive scalability.



With myWizard, organizations can infuse intelligence into systems and applications across the software development lifecycle to make your business more efficient and adaptable while delivering greater value from IT and automation technology investments. Accenture myWizard® seamlessly connects to your ecosystem and uses AI to enable human + machine collaboration for IT that is more innovative, predictable and resilient.


Blue Prism

Blue Prism is the global leader in intelligent automation for the enterprise, transforming the way work is done. We help organizations just like yours accelerate operational efficiency and agility by making it easy for your people to automate the processes that matter most. Our intelligent digital workforce is smart, secure, scalable, and successful, freeing up humans to reimagine work.



Appian recently unleashed its low-code automation platform with extraordinary features. The platform is designed to introduce a powerful workflow that could help users transform their business. Appian’s low-code automation platform unifies user data, builds applications, and automates their business. It helps customers get a sophisticated automation update with the help of data, bots, and artificial intelligence by making them manage everything through a single interface. The platform also features other mandatory technologies like robotic process automation (RPA), business process management (BPM), and case management. Appian helps bridge the gap between the business and IT teams and collaborates their ideas by leveraging visual development and reusable components to build and modify robust apps quickly.



Mendix provides a low-code process automation platform that could help users automate their enterprise with modern and adaptable processes. The low-code automation platform addresses the most complex tasks like approval, reviews, check-ins, submittals, escalations, requests, etc. Mendix chose to make the automation process low-code because it will help create flexible solutions at speed and scale. The low-code automation platform also builds the automation process with the business, adapts and evolves processes, gets the data right, tailors the US, maintains and controls visibility and reuses common elements.



IBM has leveraged a platform that helps build low-code automation app. The IBM Automation Platform includes pre-built functionality and code wherever possible so even non-developers can build basic automation applications with little IT support. By using the platform, the business enjoys luxuries like not being limited to a narrow range of functionality, get build-in governance, and can add capabilities to easily monitor and measure performance issues and sentiment. IBM Automation Workstream Services configures simple automation in minutes, with no code or very little code required. It accelerates app development, delivers more than simple apps and builds apps that automate more.



Kofax, a leading supplier ofintelligent automation software for digital workflow transformation, has unraveled an automation platform that is specifically designed to run on low-code. The platform is designed to accelerate deployments by better enabling citizens as well as professional developers, resulting in greater business value and a shorter return on investment (ROI) for customers. Recently, Kofax TotalAgility, the company’s intelligent process automation platform, expanded its applications to employ 50 new low-code, document intelligence, process orchestration, and connected systems capabilities. With the help of the low-code process automation platform, users, regardless of their technical proficiency, can quickly automate workflow and meet immediate business needs.



SoftwareONE offers a low-code intelligent automation platform that helps businesses innovate and transform their way of working. The platform is specifically designed to address the automation challenges like limited budget, need for creativity, and the necessity of innovation. SoftwareONE’s intelligent automation platform ensures that the company stays ahead in the automation race and combats competitors through digitization. It links five key concepts including robotic process automation (RPA), low-code approach, cognitive services, automated workflow, and business process orchestration to transform how businesses function.



OpenText features a low-code application development platform that helps fast-track the intelligent automation process. The platform helps organizations build digital business applications at digital speed. OpenText AppWorks aids in building smart, engaging, and easy to deploy process automation and dynamic case management applications. With very little IT team involvement, AppWork can streamline business processes, enable better decision-making, and improve user experience. The platform is specifically designed to bridge the gap between companies and customers. It creates new opportunities to re-engineer processes around customers, employee, and partner needs, deliver seamless digital experiences and adapt to changing market expectations while improving operational efficiency and managing risk.



Mabl brings a new low-code test automation platform to the competition. The platform can easily create, run, and manage automated browser, API, and mobile web tests. Mabl’s low-code test automation platform also has sophisticated features including an intuitive user interface, single unified platform and reusable flows. The platform helps businesses democratize testing by empowering more team members to create automated tests with no programming required. It tests the reliability and improves the efficiency of a product before it is rolled out for customer usage.

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