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Top 10 Online Coding Courses for Kids and Teens to Learn in 2021

Online Coding Courses

Coding in this generation has become a very prominent subject. It has stepped up the game in the field of technology. It is the process of using a programming language to get a computer to behave how we want it. It is a skill where programmers take instructions and translate them into a language that is understandable by the machines. Supporting and encouraging kids to learn coding at an early stage will help them develop the skill over time and help them pursue it as a career. This article provides a list of the top online coding courses for kids to learn this year.

• Minecraft with Mods: This online course has proven to be one of the most popular online coding courses for kids. During the online coding classes, kids learn to mod with Minecraft. This involves learning about how blocks, items, creatures, and how the world works from a programmatic perspective.

• Introduction to Coding: This course with WhiteHat Jr focuses on teaching coding, logic, structure, and algorithm. It is taught by experts for kids studying in grade 1 to grade 10. The company has IIT and IB-trained professionals and offers a diversity of summer courses online, ranging from beginner to professional levels.

• Scratch Coding: This online programming course lets kids get ahead with coding using the popular Scratch platform. The classes start with an introduction to Scratch’s visual coding environment and teach the key areas of branching and iteration plus variables and game logic.

• Code Combat: Code Combat is a coding game for kids that teaches Python and JavaScript coding using text-based programming. Kids get to play through different levels of an RPG (role-playing game) and, along with it, they also learn to code in Python and JavaScript.

• Blockly: Blockly is a website that teaches programming principles and introduces JavaScript using a block-based programming approach. It is similar to solving a puzzle, except the kids connect pieces of code, and each puzzle represents a block of code.



• Python Coder: This kids’ online class teaches everything about the popular Python programming language. The children will start by learning about coding logic before focussing more on Python and how to use it. This virtual coding course includes plenty of hands-on learning, covering subjects such as data types, variables, and much more.

• Cue Maths: It is one of the world’s leading live-class platforms for math and coding skills. With their curriculum accredited by, they have impacted 100,000+ students in 20+countries. They focus on building logical and mathematical things in students and offer different coding courses for students who are aiming to build apps and games based on computational thinking.

• Java Coder: These Java coding classes begin with a theoretical examination of coding logic. Using flowcharts and pseudocode, the children will learn the best practice of being a good coder, like understanding the problem, creating solutions, then writing a programming code. The children will implement all they have learned by creating fascinating game-based projects.

• Code Monkey:  Code Monkey is a coding website that teaches kids coding through playful online games. Children will learn to write codes to help a monkey gather bananas. The player works through a series of challenges and eventually learns to code to be able to build his or her own game.

• Codeshala: They offer both online and offline education to young coders. Their course has three levels, each comprising of 6 classes. Codeshala believes that computer science should be a part of the core subjects taught in school, so their dedicated team of professionals focuses on building a community with young coders.

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