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Top 10 Online Intelligent Automation Courses for You to Join

Intelligent automation is a combination of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that empowers rapid end-to-end business processes through automation to boost digital transformation. Intelligent automation combines the task of RPA with machine learning and analytics capabilities that create the opportunity to reimagine how businesses operate by seamlessly integrating technology, processes, and people. It has also turned out to be a lucrative career option for several aspiring automation engineers.

This article provides some of the most engaging and important intelligent automation online courses you can join.

• Google IT Automation with Python: This is a beginner-level, six-parts certification course developed by Google. It is available in Coursera and is curated to provide tech professionals and aspirants with demand skills, like Python, Git, and IT automation. In this course, the enrollers will learn to automate tasks by writing Python scripts and managing IT resources for physical and virtual machines in the cloud.

• Beginners’ Guide to Intelligent Automation: This course is provided by automation enthusiasts who are keen to learn about cognitive and intelligent process automation. The students will learn extensively to use Automation Anywhere’s cognitive tool-IQ Bot to automate business operations involving semi-structured documents.

• Making the Case for Robotic Process Automation: This course aims to provide accounting and financial professionals with practical knowledge on RPA through real-world, and relevant data preparation use cases. It is available on Coursera and helps professionals identify potential uses, benefits, and considerations for RPA.

• Software Testing and Automation Specialization: In collaboration with the University of Minnesota, Coursera is providing this certification course especially for beginner and intermediate software developers, who are seeking to develop knowledge and skills in implementing testing techniques and tools in the development of their projects.

• Robotic Process Automation and Beyond: This is one of the most fascinating intelligent automation courses, offered by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). This course will help its students in their journey through understanding how to choose and implement an automation tool. It also explains how the digital workforce will impact accounting, auditing, and governance.



• RPA, AI, and Cognitive Tech for Leaders: Provided by LinkedIn, this video course is a beginner-level introduction for executives on the role of RPA, AI, and their cognitive capabilities in the digital era. It includes topics like drafting a strong top-down mandate, investing reasonably in digital transformation, and others.

• Robotic Process Automation: RPA Fundamentals+ Build a Robot: This Udemy course includes a five-step process for doing an RPA pilot in organizations, and it also explains how to build an actual robot using the UiPath platform. This course is very easily understood by beginners and intermediates as it does not require much previous technical expertise.

• Introduction to Automated Analysis: In collaboration with the University of Minnesota, this Coursera-certified course introduces state-of-art techniques for automated analysis. After completing this course, the learner will be able to understand the foundations of intelligent automation verifications and can distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of random testing.

• Cognitive Solutions and RPA Analytics: Offered by Coursera again, this course will introduce the learners to cognitive automation and the role that AI plays in it. They will also be introduced to RPA analytics and explore how Automation Anywhere’s web control room, and bot insight can provide functionality.

• Getting Started with Automation 360: Automation 360 is the leading cloud-native end-to-end intelligent automation platform that is used by the world’s top companies to automate business processes across systems and applications. Offered by Coursera, this is designed to introduce everything about RPA and intelligent automation.

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