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Top 10 Open-Source Cybersecurity Project Ideas for Beginners


October 22, 2021


We are currently living in an era where data has become an integral commodity for all businesses. Nowadays, everything is connected to the internet, from watches to home appliances. This has led to an increase in the number of cyberattacks. To keep up with this pace, budding cybersecurity aspirants have to try out various methods to learn and the different types of attacks. Taking up creative projects is a good idea to understand the domain and gain deeper knowledge about how cyberattacks work. In this article, we will discuss various open-source cybersecurity projects ideas for beginners to start their journey.

• Keystroke logger: A keystroke logger is a great project to start cybersecurity It is software that is used to collect and log the entry information of people who have used the system through monitoring from the mainframe. This project involves coding using any programming language to track the activity in a particular system during its usage.

• Image encryption: Encryption can not only be used on texts but also on images. Several algorithms like AES (advanced encryption standard), DES (data encryption standard), and several others can be used to encrypt the image to protect it from a hacker. This project gives a solid understanding of cryptography. It is not too advanced and can be done by beginners as well.

• Caesar cipher: This project aims to explain the cores of encryption and decryption using Caesar Cipher. It is one of the oldest methods of encryption techniques used by the Roman commander Julius Caesar. This simple mini project is on cybersecurity offers to explain the simple logic of a numeric cipher value to shift the place values of respective alphabets with certain texts.

• Hash functions: A hash function is similar to a cipher function and converts a text to be encrypted into a random set of characters that cannot be retrieved illegally by third parties. This is a classic Python-based cybersecurity project that involves creating hash functions out of many passwords using loop concepts.

• Packet sniffing: Packet sniffing is a method of tapping each packet as it flows across the network. It is a technique in which a user sniffs data belonging to other users of the network. The project aims to have a track of the transmission of information through their network. This also helps in tracking and monitoring the progress of the packets that transmit the data from the source to the destination.



• Network traffic analyzer: Network traffic analysis and monitoring is a process that is used to keep an eye on all incoming and outgoing traffic, network activity, and availability. It is used to detect anomalies, identify operational issues, and perform other functions. This project can showcase one’s networking skills and would impress an interviewer.

• Credit card fraud detection: This project involves complex coding but is simple to understand. It will involve working on a system that analyses users’ transactions and their behaviors. The system can introduce countermeasures that will block the intruder to act.

• SQL injection vulnerability: It focuses on infiltrating the proprietary data of an individual, group, or organization that can infiltrate other systems for information. SQL systems are used to retrieve and update data in the data warehouse. When the system contains a vulnerability, attackers can send malicious codes into the input box and attain sensitive information.

• Graphic password authentication: Passwords are used in almost every platform nowadays. To remember every password might be difficult, hence, this project offers a chance for illustrating a graphical password strategy. Here, the user selects specific sets of images from a pattern, so that when the user logs in next time, the image will be shuffled and only the user will know the correct pattern.

• Internet patrol: In this project, the beginners will be working on a system that removes undesirable traffic on a website. The internet has excellent scalability that results in end-to-end internet congestion control. Internet patrol is an excellent project to take up as will also eradicate these issues.

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