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Top 10 Programming Languages In India To Gain Prominence In 2022


December 11, 2021

The extent to which we rely on technology cannot be merely put into words. Today, it is practically impossible to lead a life without technology. With that being said, one of the most important aspects of technology is programming. Simply put, programming forms the base of technology. That brings us to what are the best programming languages that enjoy prominence. Read on to know what are the top 10 programming languages in India to gain prominence in 2022.



Python is one of the most sought-after programming languages across the globe. This is one such language that both beginners, as well as experienced professionals, rely on equally. Python boasts of an extensive library that supports common commands and tasks. This programming language is easy to learn and is known for reducing the amount of time wasted on creating and testing long sections of code.



JavaScript is yet another widely-used programming language. This programming language allows the users to create dynamic web elements such as animated graphics, interactive maps, and a lot more. This is probably one of the easiest languages to learn. With this, web development, game development, and building web servers have become easier than ever.



CSS (cascading style sheets) has gained recognition as one of the most approachable programming languages. Hence, it poses no problems as such for the beginners who are aspiring to make it big in the magical world of technology. CSS is considered to be ideal for developing and designing websites.



SQL (Structured Query Language), as the name suggests, allows programmers to query and manipulate databases. This programming language stands for the ability to locate and retrieve data from a database, as well as update, add or remove records (i.e to manipulate databases). SQL finds a huge application in business and database management.



HyperText Markup Language or HTML (as it is commonly known as) is one of the easiest programming languages. It is HTML that decides how your website would look like. Sections, headings, links and paragraphs all form important aspects of the HTML domain.



Java is an object-oriented language using which the developers can create objects that encompass functions and data. In addition to being extremely easy to understand and learn, Java has an incredible security feature, thus making it an ideal programming language to be used in the banking and finance industry. Yet another point that makes Java stand apart from the rest is that it can run on any operating system.



NoSQL (Non-relational SQL) was brought into existence with an objective to improve SQL’s scalability while retaining the other language’s ease of use. This programming language is exceptionally good at storing data in a hierarchical network or supporting large-scale, cloud-based applications. In addition to this, NoSQL is highly versatile.



C++, an object-oriented language, is known for its wide application in the software industry as a general-purpose code that offers considerable control over hardware. All in all, this programming language finds maximum application in the cloud ecosystem. Therefore, C++ making it to the list of the top 10 programming languages in India to gain prominence in 2022 doesn’t seem to surprise anyone.



C# was introduced in the year 2002 as a general purpose programming language. Ever since it was launched, it gained immense popularity for developing web and desktop applications. C# is one of the most sought-after programming languages to build mobile applications and games. No wonder why this language is all set to gain prominence in 2022 and beyond.



R, an open-source programming language, is widely used in the area of Data Science, Statistical Analysis, and Machine Learning. It boasts of a huge set of libraries and frameworks. This language is highly extensible and supports cross-platform compatibility as well.

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