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Top 10 Websites for Programming Language Interview Preparation


November 24, 2021

Programming Language

Programming languages continue to evolve both in industry and research, as in systems and applications. Today, there is a wide variety of programming languages with different syntax and features. The swift growth of the internet in the mid-1990s was a major boost for the evolution of programming languages. The recent developments in technology based on AI and ML requires programming at the core of every application and machine. The tech companies producing high-tech machines and tools are hiring skilled programmers to understand the core concepts of these advanced technologies and deliver results based on the company’s objectives. This increased demand has also allowed thousands of aspiring programmers to try their luck in their programming careers. In this article, we have listed the top websites that can prepare you for your programming language interview.

Udemy: Udemy is one of the best websites to find programming language interview courses at affordable prices. It is one of the best websites for online learning as it provides a wide array of courses in different tech and non-tech fields at unique prices. This platform also has the best online courses for coding interviews covering a wide variety of courses like data structures and algorithms, SQL and database design, and so much more.

LeetCode: The LeetCode website is one of the best places to find programming interview practice courses. The users can find problems to practice that are asked of interviewees at various large tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, and others. This platform currently supports a total of 11 programming languages, which are C++, Bash, Java, Python, to name a few. Its courses contain interview questions preps for the candidates.

Reddit Programming Forum: We all know Reddit to be one of the largest community forum sites on the internet. But it is also one of the biggest online programmers’ The users can scroll through the page to find the posts. Each post contains posts and comments from the programmers in the community. The candidates can also post their questions about the interviews and get guidance from professional programmers.

Interview Cake: This website claims to teach the learners the right way of thinking to break down tricky interview questions on programming languages, coding, and algorithms. The site gathers interview courses comprising of questions that are similar to the ones asked in tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. It also provides questions for different programming languages like Java, Python, Java, and SQL, to name a few.

Pramp: Pramp is a good website for practicing coding and programming interviews. The website allows the users to practice these interviews in pairs. It pairs two optimal students together for each session. The interviews are live video sessions with a collaborative code editor. The two students interview each other for 30 minutes, after that, they can score each other’s performances and assess their vulnerabilities.

CodeChef: It is a great online platform for aspiring programmers as it helps aspiring candidates to learn and master algorithms and computer programming. CodeChef also provides several programming contests and certifications.

CodeFight: CodeFight provides the best way to hone one’s programming and coding skills. The users can create their accounts and start their coding fight. The website analyses the capabilities of its users to code against opponents.

io: is one of the top choices for aspiring programmers who are appearing for the first time in programming interviews. The site allows the users to schedule free interviews with senior software engineers who give their valuable feedback and tips for answering the real interview questions. The free membership unlocks the ability to appear for a mock interview online with questions about algorithmic problems, system design problems, and much more.

Coderbyte: Coderbyte offers full-stack coding challenges, interview prep courses, and mock interviews. With more than 50 challenges, articles, and videos about the different algorithms, front-end, and even database technologies, this website can quickly assess and refine the candidates’ skills.

HackerRank: It is another website that is full of challenging coding problems. The candidates can join the website for programming job interview questions and in the process can also improve their coding skills by solving challenging questions. This site is also used by many tech companies for technical assessment and remote interviews.

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